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Guys, this is a question which torments me lately: to serve or not to serve? Though I’m still in Unico, but in the end the students closer and closer, and I want to ask Council how to be? To serve or not? If so, where? After armeyki you become «more» guy or not? And in General, what are the pros and cons of compulsory military service? Maybe there, what skills? Help to decide, and that I don’t want to year of life in an empty prosr…both the army and in its absence (as silly as it may sound).


Just saying that my opinion is extremely subjective. Therefore requested to scalded and infected the General patriotism of the people — not to read and not have to worry once again. Now to you, man. I’m not going to say, you need to serve or not. I want you made your choice. Given that we live in such an absurdity, where you can choose, will you serve or not.

By the way, I did not serve. But not because time has walked away, and for health reasons. Nothing serious, but it was enough to not lose too much year of his life. Yes, I did not serve, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know about life in the army and its consequences. There is nothing lethal, but very unpleasant. It’s one of those conversations about hazing, humiliation and abuse. This care, moreover, that control should be everywhere and sometimes pretty hard.

Well, think about it. Here was a war, and you’re not used to discipline and order, you’re used to that you lick ass for money, who regularly paid your dad. I mean, if you had gone into the army, don’t behave there like a filthy slug. Live the Charter and do not allow insults.

The problem is not that it is now «such a disgusting generation that is not ready to give their lives for their country». «This» generation is just a consequence. Those who say the like the country and the army, and now scolding young people who believe that the army will not teach them, but rather harm.

I have many friends and acquaintances who have served. Apparently, you have a couple. So, back from the army such people are completely different. No, they do not become men or wrong-doers (as is commonly thought). In fact, they return the sex rags that are trying to pull on the mask of the hero.

Me a little funny and nasty play in my head their way. I guess you have to understand me. These are the people who say that «in the civilian world, we live so simply, and he went ARMY.» From the remnants of respect and self-control you can’t engage him in debate, we have still to listen to him and nod.

«The people in the barracks constitute concentrated in space for a long time the human mass gathered and localized mechanical, forcefully and without regard to their personal characteristics and cultural facilities». (Konstantin Bannikov)I have the feeling that this dude has been to war. Though he conquered their country, and not spent a miserable year in dozens of kilometers from his hometown. He comes back out with a complete rethinking of life as he himself says. He realized that love is a toy, and anyway, he is now a lone wolf.

Dude loaded high thoughts, well, he thinks so. In General, man now believes that after years of service, he became a man. You know? There is the realization that man is composed of actions. Not so important, you have served or not. Served? It is very good that you’re not afraid, healthy and fulfilled their duty. Debt! So you did the usual thing by default makes every. Why try to pull on his head a crown?

All, you were in the army. Now this is not, but you shouldn’t lose your skills. However, you don’t have to use words: tusks, bolts, demobilization. What are there more buzzwords in there? You did nothing big, but just made another step in my life.

To serve or not — you decide, we can only recommend and wish to come back the same guy without universal issues and awareness of their own awesomeness. It is not in the army, and in relation to the service. About your question «are «more» man or not» after the army: how can the year be a man? You will be a guy who served a year in the army, and not a man.

Again, silly to think, «to serve or not.» If health allows, then you can go for a year, to undergo physical training, to diversify your life. Of course, if you’re not busy with school or career, this probably never happens, we are all busy people. Hope that was of some small help to you. If something goes wrong, then write to us from the army!

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