Is not equal to the struggle with a hangover — 13 studs in the back of a hangover, or Operation «Gloomy morning»


Sooner or later, but for once in my life with a diagnosis of «hangover» came across one. After all, according to popular wisdom, not to drink only a Telegraph pole. A hangover is called bitter. Feeling nasty! But, don’t worry. To get out of the hangover fog is as simple as it can get.

So, you woke up with a broken head, a parched throat, swollen face, the heaviness in your limbs. Nauseous, shivering, burning up with fever. Yes, walked right… You’re disgusting yourself. And others even more so. Don’t expect sympathy. From this swamp it is necessary to pull out his hair, like Munchausen. If you do not take action to recover have the whole day. To horse!

The most effective ways of dealing with a hangover:

  1. Beer is the most popular panacea. Better — flat. Therefore, before going to sleep, if the strength and wisdom you left, open a bottle of your favorite beer.
  2. If no beer, and the nearest shop to send anyone, drink water. According to David Auterbridzha, reputable specialist with a hangover, water is called «beer Adam.» Rather, of course, a «beer for the poor». But in any case, water is life. Drink all you want. Better mineral to fill the shortage of mineral salts. It will irrigate your exhausted body will restore it’s fluid balance.Water can be replaced with warm (but not hot) tea or coffee. Better with sugar. Contained in the sugar glucose owns many properties, including detoxification, promoting the elimination of toxic substances from the body, accelerates metabolism and improves the nutrition of nerve cells.But the water will not be able to remove from the body harmful substances — fusel oil and undigested alcohol. So do not neglect more radical means.
  3. You’ll laugh, but it’s sex. Immediately start to sin with all the passion that only a capable (if you have someone). This physical exercise quickly get rid of a hangover.
  4. After a session of love drink himself to offer his partner a little «Bloody Mary». Is a popular cocktail as follows: 4 tablespoons of chilled vodka, 6 tablespoons of tomato juice, salt and pepper to taste Tabasco sauce optional. Thoroughly shake the «bloody mix» and enjoy.
  5. But actually, we, the Russian people, Tabasco sauce keep in the refrigerator always. And without that «Mary» not «Mary.» So, my dear, cucumber pickle or sauerkraut juice will replace you a cocktail. According to traditional healers, a high concentration of salts in the brine will make up for their deficiency in your body and will help to retain water in the blood stream.
  6. Fresh air. Go outside, fill your lungs with oxygen to clear my head. Breathe! Life is beautiful. One «but»: if your Windows overlook a polluted highway, do not go out on the balcony. Prosvirnin to the nearest Park.
  7. After returning home, with appetite eat garlic soup. This is a French tool. Preparing just. Take a piece of baguette (not the one that goes to the piping of the paintings, and French bread) and together with lots of finely chopped garlic and pour with boiling water. Let stand for a few minutes. It is sometimes better to chew, than to speak.
  8. The hangover suffers not only the head but the whole body. To help him can bath or sauna. Together with the sweat from the body will be hazardous waste. Beat yourself with a birch whisk: will increase blood circulation. Another thing is that to Bani still have to limp. And not every body it is suitable even in «peaceful» times.
  9. Then try to take bathby adding few drops of essential oil. The water temperature is not above 37 degrees. Tonic effect have mint, geranium, ginger, juniper, thyme. Bring the calming lavender and chamomile. But don’t fall asleep. More than 20 minutes in the bath to linger not. Then take a contrast shower.
  10. If again turned off the hot water or the hangover caught up field, get under a cold shower or dive into the river. But remember the danger of catching a cold.
  11. The hangover — not only physical trauma, but emotional. The voice of conscience is heard particularly strongly when we approach the mirror. Well, you mug, Sharapov! Immediately take over the shop. Bags under the eyes? Keep a cream or gel. If the situation is very bad, «borrow» my girlfriend’s concealer and cover this mess. If cosmetics is not at hand, try folk remedies — put it on your eyelids and hold it for a few minutes, the slices of raw potato or cucumber. In General, wipe the face cucumber is refreshing.
  12. Keep in the home medicine Cabinet soluble tablets for a hangover, they will help to relieve the pain and nausea. But to get involved in drugs still not worth it.
  13. Nothing helps? Then use a recipe Haitian magicians. In the cork of the bottle from which you drank I got to put exactly 13 pins. Not tried it myself, but the guys praised.
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