Is it worth throwing a good girl to find the perfect?


Dear editors!

I read and love you long time, and now it was my turn to valuable men’s Council.

Our girls have a set of qualities for which we love them. It so happened that I started Dating a girl who is far from my ideal in appearance, but very kind, helps, responsive, smart. She is willing to stay with me for life.

However, I always dreamed that my soul mate will be wonderful in all respects. In this regard, I was constantly plagued that you have chosen wrong, and it poisons my life every day.

What do you think, should just give up his dream and accept the fact that she may not be perfect, but has qualities that every man looks for in his spouse? Or is it going to play against me, we sooner or later will break up and waste precious time?

How can I help myself to decide? To go to a psychologist?

I understand that universal recipes do not exist, and the opinion of the common dudes with can provide valuable food for thought.

The answer

Oh that was very sad to your question watch. What is wrong with you? But don’t be mad at the reaction you wanted friendly advice — it will get. By the way, thank you for reading us. Glad that there are people who stay with us for a long time. Hope helps somehow cheerful to walk on the path of development, inspiration and courage is the road that less choose the new generation, but we expect that men will remember what is the advantage (and it’s not what hangs between your legs).

Relationships as you often find from the articles the thing is very complicated, but however simple. Difficult in the sense that they can somehow organize, to bring to a common denominator and do the «right» conclusions from a sad or joyful experience. And they are simple fact that many of the problems that fall on our heads, are born from small things. At the same time people don’t even notice all the good that happens to them, but when you lose that, then frantically rushing to find opportunities to bring back the past.

In our opinion, too many guys were chasing this «ideal» that is expressed, judging by your words (about the exterior of said), in a big ass, slim figure and Boobs what size. When your ideal is based on the image, then you’re just dreaming of a mythical creature that was injected into your head the products of mass culture. Sensitive, smart and kind girl that beats a pair of big Tits in the long term. Do you know why? Because the appearance can change, my friend, and the true nature of man never change. So that you can motivate your friend to enroll in a gym or beauty salon, (I don’t think she’s so bad that you need plastic surgeon), but you’ll never be able to return a good person, if he refuse him.What is your ideal? Perhaps it is not just beauty of form, and we have gone too far with the conclusions, but the problem is this does not go away, because the very concept of «ideal» is a mythological concept. There are no ideal women, get over it. Even the most in love with the nerds after three years of Dating with a girl-angel» will start to notice her, she let the whispers in bed and also loves to gossip. The pursuit of the ideal is madness, worthy only of heroes tales of chivalry. But even they understood that the ideal will immediately disappear as soon as they allow themselves to sleep with «Beautiful Lady». Fuck ideal, and it won’t be ideal, because it is flawed, but the ideal is something very spiritual, even if you’re a fan of free relations and spiritual in your life never had anything.

You also will not be superfluous to look at this whole mental self-torture on the other side. Let’s say you decided to go from girlfriend to put her away in her grey and not a perfect world. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll find the right woman, about which the poets have composed verses.» Then what? You will begin to live with a creature that will at times surpass you in all respects: physical, spiritual, mental, moral. How to live with a woman like that? It seems that gorgeous, but then you start to pay attention to its drawbacks. After a strong relationship is when a friend complements you and you complement him, not when there is «Muse», which is necessary to fall at the feet, and is «null and void», which every day finds new flaw. Therefore, with the perfect people to live in uncomfortable and even dangerous — sooner or later you will want to fall out of the window.

We are often asked to give specific advice, not to be thought, and it was simple — go there, do this and do that. I hope you understand why the person needs to use the brain before to advise anything, so listen two possible options.— If you don’t like the girl’s appearance, and everything else is OK, then take it and deal with the person. You have nothing to look for a new friend — you have it great, if everything is as you said. Remember that the ideal people do not happen, and you yourself — not ideal.

— If the problem is that you feel unhappy and you have no feelings for this person, the question already in the other. Need to arrange a session of introspection and try to appeal to the emotions, answering the question: «do I Love her or I know her and she’s, like, nothing?» If you have feelings, there is no need to cut them foolishly. You’ll regret for the rest of your life as regret of many men worldwide. But if no feelings, then go with dignity and not like a beast, the longer you will survive this uncertainty, the harder it will be for you and the girls after.

Good luck to you.

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