Is it possible to stop Masturbation forever?



Good afternoon.

I have long been tormented by the question: is it possible to stop masturbating forever? I mean and periods when you have no girlfriend and sex (for me personally, they can last 3-6 months). So far, I have not been able to stay more than 30 days without returning to the «discharge».

Tormented by the question: is there something, some habit that I can’t overcome?

Thank you.

The answer


Our answer – Yes, because Masturbation is nebogougodnom, my dear Masturbation. The next time a wave of passionate lust and desire overwhelms you, you resist, get a hold of yourself, drive out of my head dirty thoughts away and focus on prayer. Repent! Cleanse your soul with vicious thoughts and prayer! For sin to spill your seed in vain, except in his wife. Although the Bible does not say anywhere on the prohibition of Masturbation, and the famous Onan, which is named in honor period without masturbating, and just pulled the phallus from the vagina of the wife of his late brother to ejaculate, releasing the seeds on the floor. In General, did what all people do. Forgive Me, Lord. Let’s pray, ask to let go of our sins. But before this Jack off one last time.

Masturbation is evil. As written by the British physicians of the eighteenth century, Masturbation leads to impotence, gonorrhea, epilepsy, embezzlement abilities and, worst of all, blindness and the appearance of hair on the palms.

Of course, Masturbation should be discarded, but only if you touch your wand several times a day. Then he gets tired, start getting used to, psychological problems occur and the subsequent problems in those awkward moments, when you point a member of the girl. Your ebony pole, accustomed to the warmth of the hands, just doesn’t work. Besides, there are problems with fertilization, active sperm just do not have time to develop, but only when you ceremonies more often than 1 time in 2-3 days. Bear in mind, one Brazilian boy shuddered 35 times during the night and died, like a real Titan of loneliness. Just could not resist the heart of the hero loads of pride.

This is what we? If you have such a long stagnation, then no masturbating for you turn into nervous, twitchy wrinkles. You’re still young, you’re at the age when little wrinkles, the liver recovers faster and the hemorrhoids still not going to get out. For you, sexual function is almost as important as the food. You will not have sexual unloading – egg Cup overflows, and the head will be jam-Packed solely with thoughts of intercourse, but the desire will grow and grow. Guy, so you can go crazy. Plus you are not 13 years old, and Wake up in the morning with wet panties wet dreams at least indecent. And they will, because the seeds accumulate, and wet dreams are inevitable. They say the monks also masturbate. Shaolin, of course.

And that’s not all. When a guy stops using his sexual function, the body may decide that she did not need him, and to reduce the production of testosterone that will inevitably lead to reduced potency, and not the fact that the potency will again be able to recover, when you have lady.

So do not rush to give up the habit that saves you. Or rather, not even habit, but a necessity. But it is necessary to reduce. How? Well, first, to do more business. Push sports to forces in excess of stupidity. Secondly, when you ceremonies often, it becomes a habit, you often do it automatically, and there is a desire easy to scare away all other thoughts: don’t know, turn on the movie decent content or to check the Dow Jones. True desire such nonsense is not to scare. Then take matters into their sweaty trembling hands and remove the tension. Well, come to less porn, less see half-naked otfotoshopennye beauties, not to provoke themselves. Zhuhai smaller without his pubic blowhard. There is no need to twist, twirl, reveal. You know, sometimes, I just want to scratch and starts…

Will tell you as a spirit: the best way to throw lemon potatosoup bean to get a girl. Although married, too, masturbate. Well, they do not have enough sexual caresses, testosterone beats, or just tired of the monotony. Therefore, levies any other habit. For example, the habit of being boring, unattractive and uninteresting to women. How about this?

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