Is it okay to have sex in front of dogs

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2016_VuxSkWj1LcLzQThe dogs were sent on our sinful earth, to love humanity. And God said to the dog: «Protect human, be loyal to, to the last breath of his! And run after sticks, and lick your ass, and to love man more than I love him. So be it!». Since then, the dog faithfully serve man, and man is responsible to her tenderness and care. Someone just feeds, provides shelter, and pushes when the dog is underfoot, and someone literally kissing them passionately, eating from the same plate, and allows you to sleep on one pillow, but the relationship to a higher level than the «dog and master». In any case, the dog faithfully and lovingly looks at the owner, even if he pushes to no end, feeding the terrible leftovers and makes the climb to the marshes for the dead duck (that’s the role of the dog).However, not all so smoothly. And it’s not even that the dog snaps, hurting, tearing sofas and property. Fault and people forgetting to feed, walk and even throwing them into the street. And the worst thing — having sex in front of an unhappy dog. You’re not thinking about what is going through the beast, looking at how you love someone more than him. The dog a shock, and if you have deprived her of the ability to fertilize, then it is a terrible shame. Wonder? Even if your dog is curious, as it happens, sneaks up and sniffs your genitals. Spooky and funny moment, but not for the dog.But there are cases when the dog is nervous, outraged and in their eyes the hatred towards the strange woman who so brazenly saddles you. And what’s the matter — is unclear. Then jealous, then in shock from how bad/wrong/bad/izvraschenki (underline) you have sex. To dispel the myth, we helped a dog owner veterinary clinics: Valery Lavrov.

The theme is very strange, but serious. I like the handler had to learn the psychology of dogs, and I half-jokingly told my colleagues that we pay it very little attention, because after this relationship fails.There are dogs who do not care about what their master, and there are those who have triggered the so-called primal instinct. We need to protect the host territory and property. When you are a child you come into your parents room and catch them in the throes of passion — don’t always know what it is. And the dog, it seems that they attacked the host, and the Covenant of God «to guard and not to give offense,» she can not violate. That poor dog is trying the best of intentions to save the most precious thing in her life — the owner.

And there is a blatant dog. Such is the dog trained to dominate and control the situation. She’s just marking her territory, and people complain: «My dog won’t let my husband or the boy or the girl were in the bedroom at the same time with me.» dogs are caring, some are not. It is instinct. It can happen to men or women, and depends only on the history of the relationship of the dog with the owner. The first thing to do is to remove the dog from the bed. The tool number 1… Then put your pet in their own bed or box, or just get her and him out of the room. That’s it, no magical methods, no, just the severity.

Dogs are emotional creatures as we are. They say to break a habit it takes 21 days. It took me about three weeks to train your dog not to disappoint her with his sex. This teaches the dog not to be on the bed, and feel relaxed whilst you’re in the other room. Although some dogs it is impossible to wean the feelings of anxiety if the owner is not.Dogs were domesticated to hunt with us, to protect us. Is their main, genetically programmed, tasks. Now, we don’t want them barking, wrote, or did something that is inherent in their very nature. Still, they have it in DNA, and observation of the masters during sex can be interpreted in very different ways.

Especially it depends on the breed Doberman, Rottweiler or German shepherd… they are classic dogs. In large cities, such a huge dinosaur is rarely possible to give enough time for a walk. If the dog does not live on the street, at night (when the host is in bed) carries with him or near him. And then some bitch came in the master bed, forced him to make strange noises, and anyway, what the hell are they so Jumpy and not sleeping. The suspicious individual, it is necessary to get rid of! With small dogs the same story. «I have a Chihuahua, so he doesn’t even like when people just come to my door,» says Valery Lavrov.Of course, much depends on how you train your dog. If you spend your life, happy to let them sleep on your bed (and how can they refuse? — approx. ed.) then Yes, they can deeply puzzled by the fact that someone took their place. The branches (and doggy) jealousy. For them it would be like for your girlfriend’s cheating with another woman.

Dogs were bred to care about people and therefore may perceive love as an attempted murder. So, do yourself a favor and establish between them such a close relationship, or the devils creature, and do their business elsewhere.

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