Is it normal not to want a wedding and children?


To me, this year turned 31! All I’m waiting for something adult… And here I go to work, live with the favourite person, and I am very happy. Constantly feel the question in the back: when children? wedding? But if I’m good? What is this: irresponsibility, fear of reality, «psychotrine»???? That is the QUESTION!

The answer

Hello, beautiful! Wah! 31, contrary to popular opinion, is not old. If you want to live so that you are well thought to give birth immediately! Right now, what you want, but should have! And be sure to get married! For worthless Detenice outside of marriage to live in sin. And preferably married, because nothing God’s anger. What about you people say? Father Athanasius so good, so responsive and not very thick. And the car had not too pretentious, just Land Cruiser. Want, agree? And live, spinster, in sin! All friends of children to school, live as people with mortgages, loans, from paycheck to paycheck, as expected. No sex, no joy, but nothing, but as humans! And you, piroliza, dress flashily, good for her, you see! 31, and she loves it! Your age not to love, and to fulfill the role of a submissive wife time! Ugh!

In short, thank you for being there. Live in his pleasure. You don’t have to live for the children! You don’t have to go on about companies. Rotting West, almost all give birth after 30. We have at the mention of this immediately given the deplorable statistics about disabled children, about mortality of mothers, a difficult birth and generally about the inability to get pregnant. We preferably give birth to 25. All this is mass madness, we can’t break out of stereotypes. Of course, with age, the risks increase, indeed, with children increasingly difficult. Indeed, the risk of pregnancy or birth complications increases, but somehow give birth. Apparently, in the West of the vagina other. Oh, and run across in the comments of smart people who know about the female body all and even more!

Maybe with reproductive organs with age a bit less active than 20, but have the brains to 30, many were formed (some, unfortunately, they are always at the same level). Sad to see young mothers with a jar of Jaguar and babies in their arms… But gave birth! What wisdom and experience of past years it will give the child it is terrible to imagine.

No need to do anything by force, especially to have children. We have used, it is necessary. Give birth, and then raise don’t want. And then we wonder why the country has so many uneducated idiots. This is a very serious step, and raising children is a very serious business, takes an awful lot of time. This should come. You also have to understand that ready to give birth to his beloved, I’m sorry, but you’re not 10 years. You’re young, but not the girl.

We are a country of stereotypes and prejudices. Everything from state to susunayskiy with your parents, the attendants at the entrance, I think that family need to have, no matter what, and as early as possible.

By the way, in your position there is nothing. Reality and truth is ugly, it is not surprising to be afraid of him. And irresponsibility is just more those who give birth at 20. We all grow up differently, some immediately, and some don’t. But the fact is that there is nothing sadder than married, unhappy people, who gave birth to baby and don’t know what to do with it. And baby such happiness and joy in the childhood will not. So, maybe you’re smarter than all of them.

Live dozivite to give birth, and when you want them, or not give birth at all. Because to have a baby for the sake of the old age who was a glass of water to apply, is use.

Life was created for joy and pleasure. People on the planet a lot! «Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth» is a bit outdated. And a child to raise may not all. Not sure, I don’t suffer. Everyone should have the choice, conscious, not imposed by someone. Don’t wait around understand, people are mostly not like those who are not like them.

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