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manygoodtips.com_13.12.2013_IMWXaRIZoOGnGAbout the dude I wanted to write after watching a great movie, «Dirt», which was released on our screens in a few days. Can’t say I’m familiar with the work of writer Irvine Welsh, I come to his work. Movies from his books, I also watched not all, but there’s something in his strange, dirty world, which, in fact, is part of our, and I do not want to have him at least some respect. But he still has a place.

Irvine Welsh has shown the life of Scotland, a country that seems to many hipsters insanely attractive, surrounded by some strange romantic aura. But Irwin has shown her nasty bottom, revealed that left no doubt that some of them have to earn at least the imaginary respect and sympathy. On the contrary, the writer madly in love with ugly heroes, explaining that a good story anything people don’t teach, unlike the history with the really bad end of the real, disgusting bastards. Such heroes Welch — the scum of all kinds and calibers. Whether in his books glimpses of hope. If desired, it is possible to find.


Irwin was in all seriousness dude, if not from the bottom, it is certainly not polished intellectuals. He was born in Edinburgh, his mother worked as a waitress, and his father, the former working docks, from-for problems with health became a carpet salesman. After school Welch graduated from the courses of the electrician was to work in the TV Studio. But to work in this position for a long time the man could not. Electricity (who would have thought) slashed current so that the guy clearly realized that it was not his!

At the age of 20 years, Welch moved to London, where he began all of a sudden to play punk rock. It is clear that nothing good is to come to an end: a 20-year-old man without a profession, punk rock, alone in a strange city… in addition to drug use, our hero had a ball on the full. Fortunately, Matt has not started to cook (although there’s a lot we may not know about the writer). Man misbehaved and was even arrested for vandalism. Some inner core of Irwin was, so he takes a job in the city Council of the district of Hackney in London, simultaneously studying programming.

In the mid-eighties it was a decent young man, who worked as a real estate agent. Dude goes to University and gets a degree. In the early nineties, he realizes that he wants to write. The first novel Welsh «Trainspotting» (Trainspotting) was, as you know, autobiographical. In it, he talks about the environment of the London addicts, describing all the horrors of this strange desire, without any silly «Drugs are bad» makes it clear that drugs are really bad. For this reason, you need to read Welsh. The popularity brought the author and the movie based on the book, was released three years ago.


In 1995, Welch continued his career as a writer, giving the public the book «the stork Nightmares marabou» is a rather strange and controversial thing, which brightly illuminated the theme of violence, sexual and physical. The book is a strange and sometimes also a cult. A year ago, came out really popular almanac of Irvine «the Acid house». This is a collection of stories about bottoms, drugs, violence, a huge amount of sex and abominations that are so famous books Welch. The book is called iconic and symbolic. The cult — understand what the word beautiful. But symbolic because the Assembly is not only very qualitatively describes odd generation fringe of Scotland, but also shows the creativity of Welsh from all sides. The author’s style, full of dirt, realistic descriptions and a huge number of specific profanity seem bigots is wrong and promotes violence, while normal dudes understand that the book is a great anthemn this very violence.

In 1996 he published a collection of short stories «Ecstasy», dedicated to the themes of love and drugs. It seems that he even was filmed.

And in 1998, quite far from us, they came to that novel, which was born this article. Called the novel «Filth», but in Russian translation it is called «Shit» that, in my opinion, a bit wrong and loses all touch of subtlety. The novel tells the story of two main characters: a COP named Bruce Robinson’s glorious Scotland and worm that lives in the intestine, which, unfortunately, no name. The entire novel we see a terribly nasty person with no moral principles, chaotic, evil, vile, which climbs up and tries to take the place under the sun at any cost. Bruce is a parasite really, and even then say nothing. The image of Bruce Robinson in all seriousness entered the gallery of all the disgusting and not very characters of British literature from the time of its occurrence. Just the other day in the Russian rolling out the film «Mud» on the book by Irvine Welsh with James McAvoy in the title role. First, I must say that the film is based on the book, that is the plot of the book is not repeated in detail. The second main character — the nameless worm is also not observed, because Bruce seemed merged with this character in every possible way (though maybe a worm in it and sitting). Despite the fact that the discrepancies with the book of darkness, Irvine Welsh left in awe of the scenario and what happened. The actor, who played Bruce Robinson said that the script of the film — «best thing he’s ever read in my life.» The guy I knew before only in the role of Faun in the children’s tale «the Chronicles of Narnia», as Bruce was so lovely, pathetic, beautiful, and terrible that I could not help delighted. Well done! If you’re not afraid of dirt, exceptional seamy side on the screen, you are welcome to watch the film.


The Welsh-there are many more wonderful books which could be written, but I, unfortunately, did not read. What is his history «Alcove Secrets of the Chefs», which is sort of a remake of «the picture of Dorian gray» in a dirty, dirty manner! In General, Irvine Welsh is really worth attention as a writer, I won’t call it counter-cultural, I can’t stand that word, I do firmly associated with «spiritual girls» and dudes of indeterminate sex in the public transport and cafes with a small, pocket size books causes orange cover. Literature is not for everyone, EPT. And Welch is really worth attention.

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