Iron, steel and metal Arnie, I don’t know why I haven’t written about Arnie so far. It’s Arnie, how about this guy not to write?! The man, whose name, if translated literally from German (which usually do not), means «black Plowman», has become a legend of the XX century, which is still alive. Say what you will about American movies of the eighties with these guys, like Chuck Norris, van Damme, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, whatever shit they call it, they are cool because it’s pure action and a healthy masculinity. Is it bad?

Father Arnold was the Nazi party, had the position of hauptfeldwebel and had all the chances to be imprisoned for the crimes of the party. Gustav was terribly severe, and he not only went, but also became chief of police. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Gustav Schwarzenegger was a zealous Catholic, and brought up her son in line. On the other hand, Gustav was very respectful to the sport and Arnold instilled the same love. To 14 years Arnie drove in football and helped his parents on the farm, showing decent stamina. After Arnold learned about bodybuilding and watched a weightlifting championship, he was terribly excited, although my father was against it. Every day Schwartz visited the gym», Liebenauer», the hall was not working on the weekends, but our hero still visited it. How? He climbed through the window of the hall when it was closed, and practiced in solitude. Hell, what will! Interesting meeting Arnie with his idol — the Russian heavyweight Yuri Vlasov, who advised Arnold to do bodybuilding because it is very high quality body structure is still not fit for the rod.

Money in the family. The most striking event during the childhood of Arnold was the purchase of the TV. The army Arnie went on their own. Only there he could eat meat every day and even harder to progress in training. The guy called for a year at 18 years old, and he even managed to receive a speciality of the mechanic — driver of tank M47 Patton II which fits a man for such a pretty good growth (188 cm). Why did he do it? Because Schwartz was not as stupid as it may seem, but quite the contrary. Although Arnie admitted that he once drowned a tank.

About the gym, the bar and the competition Arnie wasn’t forgotten. When in 1965, the tournament took place in bodybuilding «Mr. Europe», Arnie went AWOL and won this competition. Which he waited for the punishment? There are different versions. The first States that the future of the Terminator had to serve in the military prison, the second just two weeks in the guardhouse, but it was worth winning. The army is a pretty good impact on physical health Arnie. 15 hours of driving a tank, repair, marches a day… But in the sense of Arnold this was not enough: «my friend was up at five, climbed into the tank compartment for instruments, which kept their rods, and to a General rise trained for an hour. After the end of the afternoon part of the exercises we practiced for another hour. I can’t imagine more difficult conditions for training, and therefore affirm that finding the time and energy to practice is a question of motivation and interest. A true athlete always, in any situation, you will find the time and place for training.» So here!

Where did the «Mr. Europe» after the army? To work in a gym, of course. Arnie lived very poorly, sometimes slept on the floor of the gym, because the money was not flat. Even when he became Manager of the hall, the debts never went. But in 1966, the young talent took second place in the tournament «Mr. the universe». It was a real shock for Arnie, which is not expected to get into the top three. Why Arnie is so cool? The reason is obvious: he has a great physique, flexibility, mobility and very high quality muscles. Muscle Arnie is a logical consequence of the enormous labor and a very good natural data.

A year later, Arnie won the «Mr. universe», and in a year another similar title. So Schwartz became the chief Builder of the Old world. Surprisingly, in parallel Arnold led does not sport a way of life: promiscuous sex (of course, with women), alcohol and drunken brawls. Arnie has been in trouble with the police, and the dude had to quickly dump in America. The case turned up very good: a well-known coach Joe Vader helped the famous companion with visa and relocation.

Remember I told you Arnie was very stupid? In California, our hero is engaged in the business of selling and shipping a brick. Began very successfully: the state recently affected by the earthquake, so the restoration materials were very helpful. Of course, swing the ball left and under the care of Vader continued to build muscle and strength. So our hero took the title of «Mr. Olympia». And then another six times. In parallel, he begins to film, though many doubt that he can play normally. The Director of «Predator» and warned that this man is unlikely to be able to do everything right for a dozen takes, but Arnie quickly learned.

The very first role of Arnie in the movie was in the movie «Hercules in new York» (1970). In the credits of the name Arnie was not, and he was listed there as «Strong». In recognition of Schwartz, the role became his most hated. Notable role was the work of Schwarzenegger in the movie «Pumping iron» that promote bodybuilding and the gym (if you can call it film). In this tape, Arnie smoked marijuana, compared rocking with orgasm and smiled at the camera with his terrible flaw between the teeth.


The film, which brought glory to Arnie, you probably saw. It’s pretentious, sometimes silly, but still cool «Conan the barbarian». Arnie had to do a number of stunts himself, as understudy such forms are not found. In particular, he was attacked by real wolves and one horse, which was the cause of many seams on the back of Schwartz. The film brought him fame, although the money paid is relatively small.

But with «Terminator» like no one could match. If too small a budget and with almost no replicas Arnie in the role of robot-killers was so memorable to the audience that raised not only Schwartz, but also the film’s Director, Cameron, to an indecent height. The fee Arnie was much smaller fee to «Conan».

After «Terminator» was all the famous and favorite movies: «Commando,» «Red heat,» «the Running man», «total Recall» and «Predator». For «the Running man» Arnold got his star on Hollywood Boulevard. For the second «Terminator» Arnie received the title of «international star of the decade» and a decent honorarium of $ 12 million. However, it is still not surpassed his fee for the third «Terminator» — 30 mil.

Arnie was the hero of the generation due to its awesome physical shape, colorful appearance, weird accent and frankly business acumen. He had to plane five children (one married), to be Governor of California, earn a lot of money and keep 60 years good shape.

So, Arnie took steroids. He even never tried to hide that, moreover, he did not regret it. Of course, the blame for this is that in the days when Arnie began to actively swing, they were allowed. Even the «methane».


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