iPhone 5 will show on September 12!

Recently, in anticipation of the release of iPhone 5, the growing hype around the long-awaited gadget, and as a result there is a lot of rumors. As usual, many of them have a very real basis. In particular, it was assumed that the smartphone will be shown on September 12.

So friend, if you love «Apple» technique, then you have to wait very long, because just a week after the presentation of the new iPhone will be on sale.


Indeed, Apple has sent out invitations to journalists for an event scheduled for next Wednesday. According to tradition, the presentation will be held in the Center for the arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco at 21:00 Moscow time. It is expected and reports of iOS 6.


It is also likely that pre-ordered the new smartphone will be on the same day, and will do it on sale, traditionally on Friday. It will be 21 or 28 September, with the majority of sources agree on the opinion that it is the 21st.

According to analysts, the iPhone 5 may be the most successful gadget in Apple’s history. «Full» fifth generation smartphone was expected last year, and the release of the 4S, despite the advent of Siri and the updated hardware, many disappointed. However, the volume of smartphone sales was a record.

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