Invisible bike

Nevidimy Bycicle1856934983

They say that it is not necessary to invent a Bicycle. Guys, I haven’t heard about it and the bike came up. Only he, as if it mildly, invisible.

This bike has a fully transparent frame — of course, now you can see him as well as the person that sits on it, but imagine for a moment that this man was running in the bike lane or between cars standing in traffic and through it you can easily see around the building, people and other cars — in short, everything is in motion.

Frame, of course, transparent, but that’s not a solid chain, wheels and mechanisms of rotation. Seems a bit strange.

While this strange bike is just a concept, but a young designer who built it hoped that it will find a buyer. The buyer, of course, must be (freak enough), but I don’t think their really is a lot: doesn’t look very comfortable.

Art, EPT.

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