Invented a module that allows objects to float


The future attracts us with images of flying in the sky cars and huge soaring skyscrapers, but the Dutch have laid the Foundation of the approach of a wonderful new world.

Magnetic suspension device, created by Dutch company Crealev, allows a chessboard with the figures, pillow, books, and even heavy bricks hanging in the air without any support. The top two magnet with the same poles facing each other, counteracting the force of gravity, this allows small objects to float at a certain distance from the surface and not fall to the ground.

In fact, the brainchild of Crealev can afford even nine-month-old child to levitate a short distance from the ground, with a magnetic ring without harm to health. Adult magnets while raising not.

While the module has an incomparably large size to be put into mass production. One of the creators of the device that created the video, said that she was a huge fan of the series Star Wars and wanted to start something that resembles the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s ship. The Dutch Crealev did, however, «Falcon» is a small toy.

The device in this video makes light objects weighing up to 9 kg hanging in space.

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