Internet critic called the Ministry of culture to monitor the movies

manygoodtips.com_6.04.2015_VhUUgNpT6H1atIn the darkness of Russian cinema, where instead of trees grow bad scenarios that feed on the tears of the audience, and instead of the sun in the sky illuminates the face of Michael Aksenova, there was a bright ray of hope. Hope that shit is going to lift a fraction.

All well-known Internet critic Evgeny Bazhenov, familiar to viewers under the eloquent pseudonym «Badcomedian» in one of her reviews smashed to smithereens remake of the beloved Comedy film by Leonid Gaidai’s «kidnapping, Caucasian style», directed by Maxim voronkovym. The picture really got weird. In fact, this frame-by-frame remastered classic, with the only difference that the events unfolding in our time, with the use of modern technology. The film is not liked by anyone, some of the spectators even left the hall. The amazing thing is that these movies, almost without looking, funded by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

So, not sparing the Russian cinema Eugene this one is particularly hard review. People love scandals and look at criticism, and, therefore, the video has gained a lot of popularity, and in the comments, it rose a real wave of popular anger, they say, hands off the classics. Of course, to ignore such would be foolish on the part of officials, and therefore the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has responded to the call of Bancomedia on Twitter to stop the cancer of Russian cinema». So, now all important decisions are made through Twitter. Medina and his aides pledged that the films are of such poor quality will no longer receive government funding.

And they say, one is a warrior. In fact, this whole story gives us hope that we can still affect our lives and on government decision. The hope weak, but it’s there. Maybe the films are better.

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