Internet better than any library

«It would be better to read books» is my favorite argument of all, who still calls the Internet the global garbage. They do not think that it helps to develop the literature. Today, everyone — myself blogger, journalist and writer. The Internet gives everyone an equal opportunity and a wide field for literary activity. In recent years, the Internet write all and Sundry, go online editions of magazines and Newspapers, via the Internet, you can download and buy almost any book. A paper book, say, there is no substitute, but from the Internet it is possible to extract information every day. We use blogs, websites, social networks and other platforms to exchange texts. The Internet is no longer a global cesspool, it’s the Babylonian library – infinitely and continuously growing.

The Internet is an open source of ideas

Thanks to him, the literary process became more obvious and open both for readers and for writers. Imagine that everything you read on the Internet, you would have to buy in printed format, even our Flew it for you a lot of money! New literature to read in thick monthly magazines? And how do you know everything that happens? Television, as we know, dulls. Good that we have the Internet.

A new platform for the creation of works

Before there was the Internet, the only way to communicate something to the public was to be a writer or a journalist. Only then your word would be heard. Now you can write all you want, at least seven times a day, and someone will read it.


Publishers know what will sell, and that people would never think to buy. That’s what they are guided, making of the book. If a book nobody will buy it, to make it profitable, therefore, not to see the author your name on the cover. The Internet laws. The vast network can successfully exist a composition that is good in itself, but finds no response from the mass audience. So, it goes beyond the norm. But it’s good. Here everyone will find literature of interest and each author will be known among your audience.

Here is available more information

All the information is slowly moving to the Internet. All human knowledge, all the studies and surveys, data collected through science, philosophy and art – it all migrates into the network. The Internet has more knowledge than any one book.

In the network generate faster ideas

A very important episode for any online author thoughts and observations, which are published in social networks. People get there food for thought and write texts on relevant topics. This is a healthy exercise for the mind.

It is a global communication

Those who write in the network, represent the whole community. Article about what is happening in the country, rasshiryaetsya residents of different regions and even people from abroad with the help of social networks. What are the boundaries?

Reading the Internet, you don’t cut yourself with paper

Isn’t it great?

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