Interesting statements four most prominent generals

Know who can cheer up in a minute, when it seems that everything flew upside down? Warlord. In the best of them lacked the vocal apparatus is not only to give the order, but in order to say the right words. And not only in time of war.

We have collected the statements known in the history of the world generals, whose tongues were sharper weapons.

Alexander Suvorov


The great Russian military leader was really the «father of a soldier» and a very wise man in life. Therefore, the count of Rymnik always treated with great attention and respect.

«The smaller the army the more daredevils.»

«A soldier must be healthy, brave, solid, reshimu, fair.»

«Soldier – courage, officer – courage, General courage.»

«When rigor hath need of grace, or the severity is tyranny.»

«We should not think that blind bravery gives victory over the enemy, but only mixed with anou – the art of war.»

«The speed and pressure – the soul of a real war.»

«Although the bravery, vigor and courage everywhere and in all cases required only are they useless, if not will bleed from a soldier.»

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon who? Cake? Pompous dwarf? Hero-lover? First of all, it’s a wise ruler and a talented military leader, and no matter you believe it or not. As Emperor he had to «steer» the public life of the country, and therefore not all of his words relate to the war. Some of them highly questionable, but we argue with the dead?

«Religion is an important subject in girls’ schools. It is as if it no watch is the surest guarantee for mothers and husbands. The school should teach the girl to believe and not to think.»

«The man needs to sleep four hours woman six; more than six hours of sleep only children and full of fools.»

«Man, admitting that they kicked around a woman, not a man and not a woman, but just nothing.»

«The people, as with women, there is only one right: to be manageable.»

«Revolution is the belief, backed by bayonets.»

«Public opinion is a public girl.»

«The Russians proved themselves worthy of being invincible.»

«There are two levers control the people: the first is personal gain, and the second is money.»

«A fool has a great advantage over an educated man: he’s always pleased with himself.»

«A leader is like a trader who invested their money in and expects a profit.»

«Revolutions are made by the belly.»

«What does it mean for someone like me, some one million human lives?»

«What is history if not a lie with which everyone agrees?»

«Write short and unclear.»

«Cowardly flees from the one who it angrier; the fact that the strongest wins: this is the origin of political right.»

«Of course, no gospel of Christ did not exist. There was some Jewish fanatic, wannabe Messiah. Killed everywhere, at all times. I myself had to shoot them.»

«Women should not be treated as equals, because these are just machines for the production of offspring. The best of the women the one with the most children.»

Alexander The Great


Alexander the great was so steep that is revered by Muslims as a prophet. Possession of the sword and the innate coolness helped him not only to cut all sorts of hosts and enemies and conquer the Empire, the size of which was almost half the known world to the Greeks. Thanks to the Oliver stone movie most people think it brovastom bugger, but really, Alexander is incredibly cool.

«See, that will be a great contest over my grave.»

«In the universe of countless worlds, and I’m still not one won!»

«War depends on fame, and often lies, where you believe becomes the truth».

«If I were not Alexander I would be Diogenes.»

«There cannot be two suns in the sky and two rulers on the earth.»

«There is nothing more slavish than a luxury and bliss, and nothing more Regal than labor.»

«The more you have, the more eagerly seek what you do not. The war you are born from victories.»

«I’m dying from the help of too many physicians.»

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was, probably, the main pop star of ancient Rome. We say: «Rome», I mean Should, say: «Caesar», referring to Rome. To us Caesar only one, though, these Caesars were countless. The great commander left behind not only the right to call a salad, but hundreds of winged phrases which are already part of everyday life, and we don’t even know what it is. It is particularly interesting to read his comments about sudden death and betrayal, remembering the story of his death.

«The greatest enemy hides where you will be less likely to look for him.»

«I would rather be first here (in a poor town), than second in Rome.»

«To gain fame.»

«Easier there are people who voluntarily go to death than those who patiently endure pain».

«I came, I saw, I conquered.»

«To make inroads by force.»

«People willingly believe what want to believe.» (Libenter homines id, quod volunt, credunt)

«Divide and conquer.» (lat. Divide et impera)

«It is better to die than to live waiting.»

«This is a defect inherent in our nature: things invisible, hidden and unknown, beget in us greater faith, and the strongest fear.»

«I love treason but hate the traitor.»

And finally, the most famous:

«I came, I saw, I conquered.» (Veni, vidi, vici);

«And you, Brutus?»

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