Interesting facts about Tetris that you didn’t know

manygoodtips.com_31.10.2014_Ii4xtnLUvlVhqTomorrow starts the new work week, but we have two great news. First, three days later, you again are waiting for the weekend, and secondly, today is not yet over. So why not enjoy the most iconic game of all times and peoples «Tetris»? In June this year, the game celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, and for many people those bricks that are falling, like a gift from heaven, became favorite computer characters. Let’s try to combine business with pleasure and learn a few interesting facts about «Tetris».



The soundtrack to this cult game was the band «Scooter», suites by Bach and Russian folk song «korobeiniki».



Andrew Lloyd Webber – English composer, wrote the first work in nine years, the author of some songs from musicals «the phantom of the Opera», «Jesus Christ superstar», «Evita» and «Cats» – also had a creative hand in the creation of hit of its time called «Eurodance Tetris».



The term «Tetris syndrome» appeared in 1996. It refers to hallucinations after long stuck in a computer game. Feeling like «game overdose», people start piling all seen the lines at the right for the game «Tetris» shapes.



«Tetris» can make you smarter. This was proven by researchers who studied the brains playing this game for 30 minutes a day for three months. The result of the experiment showed a positive trend, structural changes in areas of the brain responsible for critical thinking, the ability to perform calculations and reaction speed.



«Tetris» was established on 6 June 1984 using the computer «electronics-60». The author of the game, fellow of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Alexey Pajitnov, received from the state a new PC as this game was the first that broke through the «Iron curtain». Up to 96-year profits from the game were only the Kremlin, the author began to receive fees personally only after the founding of «The Tetris Company», taking on the responsibility for licensing.



The game is named in honor of his favorite sport Pazhitnov. Rather, it is a combination of two words – geometric shapes «tetrominoes» and «tennis».



The game is officially recognized as a work of art, and a copy of the 1984 games takes pride of place in the Museum of modern art in Manhattan, new York.



A moment of despair: you will never be able to pass the game to the end and win it, even if you play for days on end. The developers made it so that after two weeks of continuous play counter would be reset.



According to the journal «Appetite», the desire for gluttony and even the craving for drugs can be reduced simply by playing «Tetris». The authors attribute this to the fact that the high tempo exciting game distracts you from the basest of needs, but they also say that it is better to play standing, because a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health. Brilliant!


The game was developed more than thirty different platforms, translated into 50 languages, and «Tetris Friends Online Games» never tire of bragging about that in the online version played over a million times a day. A copy of the «Tetris» version Sega Mega Drive signed by Pajitnov, was put up for sale in 2011 for $1 million.



This game was already mentioned nine times in the Guinness Book of records. Ridiculous record associated with it, can be called «that’s a long prison sentence thanks to a computer game.» Some Feyz Chopdat served four months for something that is not turned off the game on Board, even despite requests conductors. Perhaps paragraph 4 of this article is not about this guy.

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