Interesting facts about famous people

When James Lipton was a pimp in France., 23.07.2013, 454jwyYrmWU1wajITRk8CTGaPELd3Lvb

Sylvester Stallone his acting career started in porn., 23.07.2013, 9MC2rXYxg6kSXwNyoEpVKEOpR7BhWh8m

Christopher Walken traveled with the circus when he was 15 as a lion tamer., 23.07.2013, Ndn5HqcH96pFWYm9xZX7D9MNqMfPorMO

At the same age, Jake Gyllenhaal got his first driving lesson from Paul Newman., 23.07.2013, wg2s9lb8EteevjIDgxsuf5gnESGuOMOi

Dolph Lundgren has a master’s degree in chemical engineering and won a Fulbright scholarship to study in Massachusetts Institute of technology., 23.07.2013, 5Bd0w2jlbH4IZ9KMAd6kezR1RtZTSvpw

Elton John don’t actually Elton John… he’s Reginald Dwight., 23.07.2013, mbhu0LhhPziecy0P9jLsgLEETiEG2PLX

The name VIN Diesel is an anagram of «I am torn life.», 23.07.2013, dwI7E9jvxjISOP2wKDKKdLjQBfmfhswm

Real name Marilyn Manson Brian., 23.07.2013, PHhEH5jJqQ3wDfOCAwnoZS5oBmXgikYM

Tom Hanks is a second cousin of the fourth generation of Abraham Lincoln., 23.07.2013, zSJKDZNN5TWoOQKAYHtCaAsTjYbr9pEA

Papa woody Harrelson was a killer., 23.07.2013, QfQ0nluBqDig9pKXvOizRJ1oYA0auiq1

Samuel L. Jackson was part of a group of students who are held hostage by a group of Trustees of Morehouse College, one of whom was Martin Luther king Sr., 23.07.2013, GFlRU9cX7b54GDhv3KmfdvelxSMXJu5n

Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 lb of cocaine and was jailed for two years., 23.07.2013, KsqTJAJXgIv6BvUGftpKfYAOCMCZvovO

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