Interesting facts about Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, though a small town, but has great fame. It is famous for its canals, culture, girls of easy virtue and coffee shops.

In this city, we learned the ancient legend about the little boy who saved the townspeople from flooding. As you know, Amsterdam is below sea level and protected from it by a dam. According to legend, once the sea finally found a small hole in the rock, under the pressure of the water masses would grow, and then… goodbye and dam, and a beautiful city. But I noticed this threat the boy is not confused — plugged the hole with his finger, he began to call for help. The city was saved!

Amsterdam - Carstvo kanalov

To separate truth from fiction, we decided to walk along the top and bottom one of the capitals of free Europe. Wandering through the parks, squares and markets, barely dodging the cyclists. Immersed in the local atmosphere, and drank countless Beers in the bars on the Leidseplein. And when to pour Grolsch was nowhere, it was time to talk to the locals. What? Learn the truth about the city — all of what silent tourist guides. However, everything they think Amsterdam is not the worst place on earth, and by the end of the day, we had to agree.


In recognition of themselves amsterdamtsev, consumption of light Beers Grolsch— «drink that love stronger and stronger,» dedicated a significant part of men’s leisure. This beer is brewed in the country since 1615 in the Dutch exclusive recipe. It is served in a 250-gram glasses with a cap of foam and a half inch. The response to your request to pour up to the top, «in Russian style» can be ambiguous…

How sexy woman from the city?


The benefits of girls: blonde hair, curvy, confidence, great skin. Drawbacks too is too high, sloppy dress, combed disgusting, rude in communication.


73% of residents believe that marijuana and other drugs should legalized in other European countries.

55% amsterdamtsev speak three or more languages.

84% of the inhabitants of this city, when abroad, seem to be too high.

77% prefer tissue paper orange.

84% recognize van Gogh by a greater Dutchman than Paul Verhoeven.

64%, inviting a woman to a restaurant, pay half of the amount specified in the invoice.

94% are not too highly appreciate the advantages of the Germans.

89% have never plugged a finger hole in the dike (the rest, apparently, work in the municipal water supply company).

56% consider themselves brave after drinking, including those who believe that they are invincible.


The facts of life Amsterdam

1. Population 722350 people, including 550 thousand — the owners of the bikes.

1402 cafes and bars, 36 clubs disco,

574 café shops, restaurants 755.

160 channels.

6 windmills.

2. The real wealth of the city — beer. In 1323 the king of the Netherlands ordered the city-port for easy import of beer.

3. George Harrison was taken to England by plane the Amsterdam ensemble «Robin Nolan Quartet» to the musicians played at his birthday party.

4. In the XVIII century the city Council to lower the noise level, forbidden to move around the cobbled streets in carriages. So they had to go in the summer on a sled.

5. The city almost gave his name to new York. The Dutch colony of new Amsterdam was renamed new York in 1664.

6. The Dutch sex industry is estimated at more than $2000000. This amount is divided roughly equally between pornography and prostitution.

The last five years the Dutch were spending sex an average of $170 per year.


Major holidays

Carnival, the feast of welcoming spring.

In the program — drinks out in a fantastic garments.

3rd week of March — Festival of Blues Meterware.

April 30 — Queen’s birthday — national holiday

street fair (on Dam Square) and fireworks.

Bars are open all night — drink a monstrous amount of beer.

The night from 31 December to 1 January, the New year for the Amsterdam event is Grand and worthy of it to spend with residents.

Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe, but should beware of a common small scams and pickpockets. The police here are also very calm but it is always better to have a passport (this is required by law, and tourists are sometimes asked to show the document proving the identity).


Only in Amsterdam you see

1.Among 2400 houseboats on the water is «cat ship» where homeless animals live.

2. At the Maritime Museum of the Netherlands you can see the unique exhibit — grey with white coating the piece of leather that once belonged to Lieutenant Jan van Space. In 1831, when the Belgians defeated the Dutch fleet, Lieutenant refused to lower the flag. Instead, he threw the cigar into the powder magazine, blowing up himself and his ship and crew.

3. In Amsterdam there are the incredible museums, including those devoted to history of sex, drugs, tattoo art, etc.

4. You hear horror stories about how later comes help called by dialling 999? Now the police of Amsterdam learn to use roller skates.

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