Insulated iron horse the first breath of the cold autumn winds did you get your favorite sweaters and jackets. But if you are the lucky owner of a motorcycle, then you know how unpleasant sometimes windy and cold weather for traveling on two wheels and that means it’s time to warm not only himself but his iron horse.



We present to you the leader of sales in England and Germany, grips heated Oxford Sport.

Excellent quality, fast heating, waterproof controller, complete wiring kit with fuse.

Grips heated Oxford Sport designed for handlebar with Diameter 22 mm under the seat 12-12,5 cm arms open. The inner diameter of the left handle 22 mm, while the right of 25.6 mm, calculated on the plastic throttle sleeve.

The heating temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.

The kit includes waterproof controller with the following features:

— 4 heating mode (100%, 75%, 40%, 30%) (60, 45, 24, 18 JSC respectively);

Led indicators on mode;

— Button on/off switch with led indicator;

— Soft and grippy rubber provides excellent comfort;

— Large buttons for ease of use;

— Auto switch-off at 11.5 V;

— Bracket for mounting controller on left side of handlebar, the bolts.



Universal heated seat motorcycle — ultra thin and flexible 20W Symtec

The fixture is mounted between the gasket seat and the external padding size 19h23 see

The elements of the heater made of carbon fiber 20 watts (less than 2 amps). Includes quick disconnect plug to remove the seat



Warm up set the throttle SYMTEC 210010 with heat shrink tube. The advantage of the gadget is a simple temperature control and power at 20W.

The trigger can be used with single-band (210145), dual-zone (210098b ) or four (210096s) controllers.

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