Instead of candy, the man gave the children bags of coke

Halloween we are trying to prohibit, sadly of course, the holiday itself is nothing in itself satanic assumes in contrast to his enemies.

So British kids went on Halloween Night to collect candy from the population, the great feast, begging the same rules! Sweets good going, instead of the promised candy, a young man splurged and gave the little beggars a package with a suspicious powder. The children were surprised and took him to mom and dad that have already immediately gave strange packages to the police. The powder was good cocaine, but it already pulls on period.

The police immediately found the 23-year-old Donald Greene (Donald Junior Green) who committed this strange act. As cops it is not persuaded, he did not reveal the true reasons why he gave cocaine to children just.

Now dude is facing a sentence for drug trafficking. I think he just loves children, the most expensive they gives. Was desperately tripping.

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