Inside the flooded strip club, 7.08.2013, tIzeG9sgEUFfflzEDNARMbv5w6OJRudR

every man dreams to see the inside of a strip club: there’s hot Chicks and other amenities. Of course, this kind of recreation there are significant drawbacks.

This strip club is located near the shores of Eilat in Israel, it is quite a beautiful place, a tourist Mecca, and the club is a winner, if not for one thing: the club is flooded and is under water. Just the other day he was discovered by a local diver with Gill Koplovitz. The club still looks very nice, and at first glance, and not say that it is flooded and of the visitors here only the marine flora and fauna. Chairs and tables, of course not, they are removed, but the scene, the scenery and everything else is in very good condition. And the strip club was frankly beautiful.

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