Inmates used grandmother’s coffin to transfer marijuana

Officials say they foiled a bizarre smuggling scheme in which two inmates used the coffin of their dead grandmother for a drug transaction.

The guards accompanied the prisoners in handcuffs on the hands and feet. They escort prisoners to the funeral home on Thursday evening, so they were able to say goodbye to my grandmother.

Emma Faulk died last Sunday at the age of 74 years, and the prisoner was allowed to say goodbye with native.

«One of them stayed at the tomb of a fairly large amount of time,» said one of the jailers.

After returning to the prison Vinson searched and found a bag of marijuana, a package of tobacco, easy phone, all of which he hid in his underwear.

«We were faced with brilliant ways of conveying contraband, but it’s something new.»

The prisoner was charged with possession of marijuana and attempting to carry contraband into the prison.

«This incident illustrates the audacity of this generation of prisoners,» Davis said in an interview.

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