Inexpensive way of weight


As we have said, on the way to the perfect body can become a lot of problems, about which we already wrote in this article. So… Money. Money prevent much bro work on yourself, because to put on weight need protein or banks, or a lot of protein-rich foods such as cheese, chicken breast, legumes and other things.

To be big and strong, you need more quality calories, which will help to gain weight and maintain it. To achieve this goal, a dude who weighs 70-80 pounds, will have to eat a lot. If you’re not savvy in such matters as the right weight, not versed in the chemical composition of foods and their nutritional value, you just tampered with to put a decent amount of money on unnecessary nonsense.

If you want to include in your diet more protein and supplements, weight will gain faster, but is a severe blow your budget.

It can be spent on special food, gym and supplements are surprised to discover that you no longer have enough funds. Fortunately, you have us and we will help you to gain mass on the cheap — how with the help of protein and with a natural supply. Cheap ways to increase body weight simply and easily accessible. We have compiled for you a diet of the main food products that you might like to use.

Shake yourself

Immediately before or after a workout, you will be vital to prepare something that contains good percentage of protein and useful carbs. After a workout, when you get home and you will need to eat, loads of balanced food, rich in protein, slow carbs and healthy fats; and the meal should be rich in nutrients and calories that will do you good.

Here are some basic products to increase the mass that it would be nice to always have on hand. It will cost you relatively inexpensive.


  • Protein powder.
  • Egg whites (drink, not separating from the yolks).
  • Nonfat dry milk.


  • Beverages such as Gatorade or Powerade (many guys really think of their controversial decision and nothing more than a mixture of salt and sugar).
  • Cereal.
  • Fresh, canned or frozen fruit.

Healthy fats

  • Peanut butter.
  • Linseed.
  • Linseed oil.
  • Coconut oil.

It’s not that difficult supplements, they are easy to get, they are inexpensive, except for protein powder and peanut and coconut oils. However, the peanut butter you’re not there, and somewhere to add to increase the number of calories. Using this combination of products, you will be able to create a high-quality diet to increase body mass, representing a balanced set of nutrients. The menu is rich in useful calories and fits perfectly into your diet.

And here’s a few recipes to put on weight.

Chocolate peanut butter shake


  • 3 ice cube;
  • 1 Cup of skim milk;
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder;
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter.

If your blender can chop ice, a little grind in it ice cubes. Add protein and push the button to mix the contents. Finally, add peanut butter and blend the mixture to desired consistency.

Shake peanut butter, banana and protein

  • 1 Cup of skim milk;
  • 1 scoop of protein powder;
  • 4 tbsp skimmed milk powder;
  • 100 grams of pre-soaked oatmeal;
  • 2 bananas;
  • 3 tbsp of peanut butter.

All beat up and drink with pleasure.

Now, the perfect cocktail recipe to drink it pre-workout.


  • 1 scoop of any protein powder;
  • 1 Cup orange juice;
  • 1/2 Cup fruit yogurt low in sugar;
  • 1 Cup frozen berries;
  • 2 tbsp skimmed milk powder.

All beat up and drink.

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