Ineradicable evil: girlfriend your girlfriend


manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_zXvg85euYCcTMHere you lay with your lady in bed, you feel good, comfortable touching each other legs under the blanket, and it seems that life is good – grace. It seems that you all are jealous, no one knows you have a small penis, sexual intercourse does not exceed 5 minutes, you lazy ass. All her friends, dream about you, it is forever yours and there is nothing you can not separate…

But in reality everything is much worse. All the best friend of your ladies know the smallest details of your intimate life. Up what you facial expression at the crucial moment of your night of pleasures. Unpleasant? Of course, unpleasant. However, you also love to accompany a party with his friends discussing his personal life. We don’t know how you delve into the process of these discussions, and what topics are raised, because not everyone likes to discuss intimate details of their women. But most of the girls it did not bother. They know everything and more, and armed with knowledge about you, in every way begin to pester your friend tips on improving your personal life. But they may have different motives.

You deprived her of the support

For example, an old military friend of your ladies at which they passed the fire of Sambuca, forty-degree water, foam parties and fancy parties, drastically changed after her best friend started Dating this unnecessary you. One to go to clubs, as you know, dumb. And the time she was paid much less. And the fact that you think she’s a whore and demand to spend less time, not over her curious ears. Here it is with double zeal dives carnivorous butterfly at the light of your family life. Not only that, find yourself a reliable friend is quite difficult, so also intervened in the case such an asshole like you. Here it is and intrigues, urging her to return to the «great sport» and to throw such a «poor» character, like you.

Tips from the guru of family life

Or the so-called «experienced lady that got married before all thanks to the stupidity called poets and other romantics «great love». It is already eight times regretted that it did, looking at their young associates who spend money on tools for cleaning floors and food two times less than for new clothes. Know how it hurt when you’re the only one among my friends finished University with the red diploma, your soul was full of the flaming ambitions and incredible plans for world domination, but then intervened in the case of big love, and family, put on all this cross. Now these «pishi» building a successful career, and its main achievement of recent months is that the child is well and without problems poops. She smells like fatigue, steamed food and children’s surprises. From her friends, the ghosts, and love. And your girlfriend is one of them.

She used to have sex once a month, during the full moon. You can’t do that. Here she was hurt, so she wants to seat their names in the kaleidoscope of the turbulent life friends Golden cages. So if you don’t want to communicate and be open, be afraid, friend. She will brainwash you, describing your friend the delights of family life. So there’s a lot of talk about the wedding. And if you like any adequate and not ready for cohabitation citizen, you resist the imminent life together, your friend from the horn of plenty, strewn with criticism in your address, and talk in style: «Drop it. You need a serious older guy». Oh, my dear friend, there is nothing worse than a girlfriend, whose worm-eaten lips poured the poison of these shameless barbed words! And you know what is vile? Any woman wants to marry, sooner or not so sooner. So those are the things you can play with your relationship a cruel joke. On the other hand, life in the «diapers/cooking/fatigue» can be great to scare your faithful from such experiments.

Like you, soldier

Female friendship is often compared to the proximity of the two snakes in the terrarium. All is well, but from time to time. For example, if you’re outrageously good-looking, classy, smart and witty, a bundle of quotes from «the adventures of Cipollino» and revealed himself to her friends, what then? Then we might have the worst one of her friends had a crush on you (you’re, as we remember, a classy gentleman) and will begin in every way to intrigue, to say that you – not your girlfriend. Maybe envy, maybe in blind hope to steal you away from her. The explanation for this is not, like logic, but the fact of the threat is obvious.

Do not spill water

But worst of all, my dear reader, if two or three friends so close a bond that they don’t break into two equal humans, even with an axe. And besides, girls are beautiful, smart and pleasant to talk to. Between you warm the relationship (without the sex! That’s all we need!). But the trouble is, you go. You are not two, there is always a third wheel (or third wheel). On the other hand, it’s better than when a friend of a friend meets you as an invader and builds against thee. It is easier, with time it calms down, maybe even find a gentleman to taste, and at best will be a perfect addition to your family idyll. Well, who better than her calm your girl! And it is not excluded that soon it will have to reconcile during minor and major scandals.

But if she’s stuck to you like a limpet? Start taking a friend with you. Four every fun. Maybe nothing will happen, but it will be less likely to appear in your field of vision. Yes, it’s inexpensive-only a bottle of beer the saving compadre. There is another method, but it can lead to conflict and scandal to provoke his beloved. If you’re complimenting the «third wheel» and to pay more attention to her, you will not notice how quickly it will evaporate. Women such owner.

A very bad woman

But that was nothing. Girlfriends are different, and not everyone is able to understand people. How else to explain in your household, modest, cute girl having a friend that is referred to as the «total bitch». Except that pity. Firmly believes that the world is ruled by money, a man must perform two main functions – the Dildo and the wallet, it’s nothing good your girlfriend will not teach. And who are you? A simple guy that has good, but not great income, from a simple family, so wait for the money you nowhere. Your virgin is all happy, but her friend, dinner with Clementina, and eating dinner with Rafiq, not really. She looks at you with contempt as a rogue, crenosoma everything you gave her, and strongly advises to find a richer man», openly sharing their fucking experience. In such cases, it is hoped, the prudence of his girlfriend, because killing people forbids the Law of God and the penal code. How would you not want to.

In fact, to get rid of nasty girlfriends, it is necessary to observe some rules. Most importantly, never put ultimatums. It’s like a child: «Who do you love more: mom or dad?» Don’t put her in front of a difficult choice that will likely benefit her friends. You’re not going to change, «friends of a vagina». It’s not going?

You should try to be for girls not only a good lover but also a good friend. Interested in her life, problems, help with advice and deeds. It is possible to not offer her to go shopping in search of a new blouse, but not to give up if you hint to make the company.

Don’t even have to tell a story to her friends, be proud. If the friend stuff, and so will become clear. And even better if it hinted someone from the outside.

Become a drug for his lady, treat her (but in moderation, so as not spilled) and appreciate. Make sure that you are not bored. In General, do everything to prove to his beloved that all of these rumors nothing more than just empty talk.

The main thing that your lady was adequate and everyone knew it. If her friend is a hero and the ideal role model, stay strong, dude, seriously you have to.

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