Indian tablet for $ 20


Aakash 2 the Indian tablet price of which is only 1132 Indian rupees or 20 and a half dollars. The Indians build tablets? And how does it even work?

The device developed by DataWind, whose headquarters, apparently, with the ancient colonial tradition, located in England.

What is on Board this devisin for the money? First, the device has a capacitive screen of 7 inches than it is now no surprise, GHz processor, Cortex-A8, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. Standard set, man. Also, it has a camera, Wi-Fi module and a slot for memory cards format microSD. The device runs on Android 4.0.

Aakash 2 — the second brainchild of DataWin. First, as you might guess, was the Aakash tablet. The first tablet came out last year and cost $ 35. The second version of the tablet is more powerful, but the first works better.

The disadvantage of the device is small — just 3.5 hours.

For students the device will cost just twenty dollars, and in shops it can be bought for 60.

Even Indian bro, promote high technology to the masses. I wonder if he dances? (A bit of racist humor).

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