Indestructible hammer

Usually when you need to break a wall or something like that, you have to understand that your sledgehammer is quite a can break, and it’s very frustrating, given that its tip can fly in an unknown direction and kill a couple of other people. But with this hammer it will not happen: the producers assure us that to break it is practically impossible. Can easily break their skulls, zombies, walls, and other things that will meet you on the road.

In fact, why such bold assurance? Manufacturers claim that the hammer is indestructible from all possible sides. The pommel of the hammer has a steel core which prevents damage to the head during a failed strike. She forged head easily tolerate damage due to its layered structure. Sail structure: the design does not allow. Spiral seal after the head reduces vibration from impact and does not allow the employee to get tired. Oh, and it does not slip, does not the handle is made of vulcanized rubber.

The hammer can be purchased on Amazon at the price of 158 dollars.

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