In which country can you visit for$ 30 per day

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2014_HTjCQoK5TQERmIf you care about the safety of its budget, this means that in the last time in your head added smart thoughts. Having a limited amount of money you will not necessarily become a hostage of his own miserable apartment. There are a lot of countries, a recreation in which you don’t have to sell your own kidney. Here are a few places where you can spend your budget holidays:

1.Bolivia — $ 22 per day


Bolivia topped the list of cheapest countries in all of Latin America (2014), and the further you go from downtown, the lower the price. Bolivia offers colorful markets, the impressive Spanish colonial architecture. You can find food for dinner for only $ 2-3, dormitory or hostel for under $ 10 and travel across the country ($ 1 for 5 minutes in taxi, $ 2 per ride in the first class public bus).

2.Nepal — $ 20 a day


Many people come to Nepal to climb Everest, but this place can offer much more than just climbing mountains. Budget accommodation, food and drinks you can find at a price below $ 5 each. Buddhist culture, gorgeous mountain scenery, and a variety of tours and adventures are only a few things that may surprise in this country.

3.Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala — $ 30 per day


To dine here you can for a few bucks, the hostel can be found for about $ 5 a night and the local transport is ridiculously cheap. Here you will find gorgeous beaches, ancient ruins, big jungle and a million other interesting places. And all this for baseflows low price.

4.India — $ 20 a day


India is one of the most interesting places for tourists who want to save their money. Hostels or pensions on average cost $ 3 — $ 5 per night (sometimes more depending on season), meals $ 3 or less beer is $ 1-2. Visits to such places as Mumbai, Goa and South India will cost more. Book train tickets in advance as it is the main form of transport throughout the country.

5.Ecuador — $ 25 a day

Ecuador is a country that is very appreciated by travelers with a limited supply of dollars. The hostel here will cost you $ 7, taxis $ 2 — $ 4, bus $ 1 an hour, beer $ 1 — $ 2, meals $ 3 or less.

6.Bali — $ 27 per day


Everything from incredible surfing, to the unforgettable bright nights will make you forget home and give you the desire to stay here forever. Simple Asian dishes a little more than $ 1, surfing lessons for about $ 10, cheap housing can be found for $ 10 or less.

7.Sri Lanka- $ 25 a day


Sri Lanka lacks the infrastructure and tourism, but that may be a plus for you. The cost of accommodation varies depending on where you are, but you can find from $ 5 to $15 per day. You will appreciate the abundance of inexpensive food options. Beer here costs about $ 2, and public transportation will cost $ 4 for a trip across the country.

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