In this case it is better to shave

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_f3DScbhKyw5IkEdition not once have covered the topic how to grow a beard or mustache, but many dudes trying to make is still not successful. If you feel yourself among them, do not despair. Perhaps nature is not yet ready to present you with this symbol of courage. However, we should not forget about the simple rules of hygiene, and if faced with one of the following types of vegetation, better break up with him with the razor.

1. Mr. puberty beard


Perhaps the most common type of what should not grow. Most often, the bristles, which just appeared on your face, grows into something strange – the beard is «threads» and aims in different directions. But nothing wrong with that. Even worse, when bristle development stops at a certain point, you become like an alcoholic who lives in a house without mirrors. To correct the growth of hair, just shave and start to grow again, and then have patience.

2. Virgin mustache


Probably everyone at school/uni was a sprat, he wore the mustache until the age of majority (and sometimes longer). Wide density gives you confidence and attractiveness in the eyes of the female, and three doubtful. – in any case. If your environment is a fan of this liquid under your nose, rather, recommend him to shave off the symbol of youth once and for all. And if man does not listen to advice, tie him up and to deal with the «mustache.» one on one!

3. Goatee


The name is no coincidence – this type of vegetation is ideal for the goats. So leave this privilege to animals. It is believed that this type of beard causes mistrust of girls and society as a whole (associative thinking is a powerful thing). On the other hand, some owners goatees are convinced that with this «antenna», is directed to the ground, there is a connection with the cosmos or cable TV. Remains to choose which side you’re on, dude.

4. The king of sideburns


Where would we be without them? Let us forgive all lieutenants, guards and hussars – whiskers had become obsolete. Fans of this type of vegetation would say that the whiskers return to the past better than any history textbook. But the desire to look cool and to be like the count Ivan Tolstoy is more like a funeral of innocent hamsters on your face. Therefore, without additions to the whiskers in the beard better not to go. Rather to go clean-shaven. Well, if you still decided to grow sideburns, do it wisely.

5. Robinson Crusoe


Dude, that’s already too much. No, you’re not going to associate great sex with the brave and strong adventurer. Most likely, people will shy away from you like a bum who lacks communication. Don’t forget to grow a beard is half the battle, because it needs constant care. So here the advice is simple: don’t spivy it away, but remember about the existence of the trimmer and Barber.

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