In their own skin

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2014_iiNKLHRh8cdV8The wise learns from the mistakes of others, clever on its own, and the stupid do not learn, — says the proverb. However, as practice shows, any, even the most picturesque details of other people’s mistakes are not impressive as the handle of a rake which flew between your eyes.

In addition, some valuable lessons you can only get from your own experience, and nothing else.

1. You need a lot of time and effort to become an expert in any field

This simple truth you need to keep in mind constantly. But, unfortunately, most of us think about her occasionally, and even do not remember at all. You lamented about how you’re a loser, looking at his idol, a man who has achieved everything of what you dream, however, how often do you consider how much sweat and blood it took this «happy» guy in the realisation of his dream?

2. You don’t have to live in a way that makes you from the company

Understand the traditions and social norms is nothing wrong. They (or rather, people who observe them) play the role of a «social cement» — to ensure the stability of the system called «society». It is bad when someone blindly follows tradition, just because dad/teacher/President said so. It is bad when instead of trying to decide what to do and how to live, you choose the beaten path, the most socially acceptable way. It’s not even a choice to not be named because the choice is, first and foremost, the will, and you, in this approach, involves the will.

We do not encourage you to devote my life to the destruction of any social norms (though not if those who oppose the choice of conservatism of the masses, there would be no progress), we aim to convince you to always think with your head. If the result of this reflection, you come to the understanding that, for example, the traditional role of the father is yours, then so be it. The main thing that it was your choice.

3. You don’t care about something that comes easy

The textbook example is health. The health given to you by nature, and while you have it, you’re free to herit it all available to you ways. But sooner or later in your life there will come a time when you realize that they can’t just go and run up to the 5th floor, for example. And later, when you spend half of treatment somehow a stubborn cold, you’ll curse yourself for what took place all last winter without a hat. And so on and so forth. But exhort you, stopping his rye with his gin, that will come back to bite you tomorrow — completely pointless. So continue in the same spirit, man.

4. In a world where everyone is trying to be like someone, you need a lot of strength and courage to follow your own path

The decisive factor seduces many to try on one of the standard life scenarios, is the ease of execution. To drift, to live as someone else, a lot of effort is not necessary. Much harder to pave the way. But if you come for that matter, prepare yourself for what will be difficult.

5. Sometimes it pays to break the rules

And not just because it’s fun.

Often breaking the rules is the only way of development, going beyond the vicious circle of everyday life. As mentioned above, don’t be those who are brave enough to break the rules, there would be no progress.

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