In the Rostov region the cat took a bite of his mistress phalanx of the finger


So, my friend, sometimes caudate our smaller brothers are dangerous as hell. They seemed so cute…. Oh.

In the Rostov region, southern Federal district, in the village Voloshin Millerovskiy district was the most unpleasant news. Common cat bit off his elderly mistress phalanx of the finger on his left hand!!! What you need to do with an animal, man, to answer you like this back?! We, frankly, do not really believe in this story!

The woman was taken to the hospital, the cat was immediately taken to the vet. A cursory examination of the animal showed that it was not infected with rabies.

What now will be with him, it is not clear, but the hostess assures us that such outbursts of anger in the cat was not. We believe in the word, man, what can we do?

We are interested in that phalanx? It is possible to cook soup?

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