In the pursuit of brutality


Long time ago I read your journal, thank you. It is evident that you thoroughly come to the point, and very nice to read your articles. But there is a question, perhaps you answered it. How to be dudes, which in the view of 16 years, and at age 20? No, I’m serious, you know, sometimes you look at strangers and see you as a person who attends school and is in a hurry to get an a in math, or the mother zarugaet. Purely because of the appearance of the impression. But when we start to communicate, all of this dissolves, they realize that I’m a grown man, but in the body of the young man, «eternally young, but not drunk». I guess the question is how to become more brutal or something. Thank you for your answer.

The answer

«The day will be food, live not in a rush…» are Good all the same lyrics Rosenbaum. For me, a man who has long looked like a paedophile’s wet dream (and as height, and weight), being at the age when you can drink in public places, also had to think about it. But I, like you, managed to dispel a false impression speeches and brains (well, sometimes had to fight). In the future I have this question never cared so any problems I have due to the excessive youth was not. Don’t even remember the last time you thought about it. And actually, I should stop drinking, and then older, as Babkina heel.

You can, of course, to release the bristles, if it is moving, but the fact of the matter is – «if». If above the upper lip 3 and a half baby thin hair, you’ll look like not just a guy, a stupid youngster. I would advise you to dress like an adult, to get rid of too colorful and youth Affairs, be that in its shape is closer to the classics… But not all such clothing helps. In the end, our time is full of juniors, dress «like an adult». So forget it, you don’t have to age, drinking and Smoking to voice squeaky casleton turned into a smoky, rancid baritone, no need to go with a Smoking pipe like a crocodile from the fable (honestly, there were some characters). Not old itself, nature has made you such a compliment – young. Legolas was generally more than 500 years, during the war of the Ring. And nothing, he had his own approach to speak with mockery.

Okay, if you were dull and underdeveloped, but nature gave you a mind and language to show its true face and age. If it repels you from people, then on the road of life you with them along the way. And the rest «glad to be deceived», and sometimes even nice to look at the expression of the faces of some when they find out the real age. If they laugh, push intelligence, not know – go for a fiver to crack. Enjoy your views.

Perhaps in old age, you’re desperate to drag the belly, hair dye, and to assure themselves that wrinkles are not visible to please any young lady. In the end, will soon begin chores, work, responsibilities, the body would cease to bear the constant partying, the liver will become more difficult to cope with the duties, vices and routine will do the trick, and from a former young grace will be over. Go look in the mirror, dear Dorian gray.

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