In the mask of an Egyptian mummy found ancient papyrus


A team of researchers made a surprising discovery in a careful study of the funerary mask of an ancient mummy, namely, they have found a papyrus which is the oldest copy of a gospel passage from Mark and goes back to the 90 C. E. It finds the oldest surviving copies of biblical gospel texts dated from 101 to 200 C. E.

The text was written on papyrus that was later reused for the mummy mask. The stereotypical image of ancient mummies involves bejeweled Golden masks stones, however, such outfits were only used for the rich. Mummy mask of a person of average wealth was made from recycled materials, such as papyrus.

For researchers who study the mask, the text marks a significant achievement. The first part of found texts will be published by the researchers at the end of this year.

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