In the German Museum displays living copy of van Gogh’s ear

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_CdaBVM77JqeytIn the Center of arts and media in the German city of Karlsruhe exposed a live copy of the severed ear of Vincent van Gogh, created by artist Diatom Strebe. He raised the organ from cells taken from Live van Gogh, the great great grandson of the brother of the impressionist. The exhibit was created from the cartilage of a descendant of the artist and contains the same Y-chromosome (genes in General Live and Vincent match one-sixteenth). To create the ear was possible thanks to a 3D printer, and restore the form of the original — using computer modeling.

The ear is placed in a special nutrient solution, where it can persist for many years. At desire it is possible even to speak through a microphone: it recognizes the sounds and processes them through special programs — simulator impulses to the auditory nerve. Until July 6 the installation will be in a German Museum, and next year it will bring in new York. The artist comments on his creation in a poetic way, stating that «uses science instead of a brush».

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