In the garden there is no place for punks


Punk rock is alive… Or not? In any case, so says the administration of the city of Springfield. As if we were from «the Simpsons» don’t know what city this is?

A five year old boy named Ethan Klos (Ethan Clos) was suspended because he came to kindergarten… with a Mohawk on his head. The guy’s mom and dad punks? No, the boy had asked mom to give him a haircut during spring break. So, the guy took a few days… With dirty hair? Real punk, dude!

Among children Ethan immediately became a celebrity (guy knows how from childhood to shock the audience!), the kids approached him, touched his hair. But it’s not like the teacher who suspended the boy from school with the words «for inappropriate hairstyle». Most interesting is that with shaved temples in the garden you can walk, but with the Iroquois there. However, though parents are protesting, but I agree the boy to cut correctly.

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