In the footsteps of their parents

«The children of geniuses nature rests,» says the proverb. Most often, children of famous musicians trying to follow in the footsteps of their parents, to prove to the world and the parents of their independence, or that can not imagine life without music. But to succeed very few people come. There are known examples of Damian Marley and Charlotte Genzbur or, God forgive me, Vladimir Presnyakov, Dima Malikov and others, on which was written a little less than their legendary parents. Here we collect far less popular examples. But it doesn’t mean less talented.

1. Jacob Dylan. Masterpiece of Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan is a very lucky girl. His talent firmly coincided with the era. The 60s were the best period in order to become a legend. Who does not know «Knockin’ onHeaven’sDoor»? So everybody knows! The anthem of all times and peoples. For most he is the living embodiment of folk-rock, country-rock and rock-n-roll. So Mike Naumenko and Boris Grebenshchikov did not have to look for other objects to follow. Dylan was incredibly cool. According to the survey of RollingStone magazine, he is the second (after The Beatles) the most important artist in music history. He has an Oscar, a Grammy, honor and respect. In General, everything for a happy life. Now rate all of the above and imagine what it was like for his son Jacob in the beginning of his career.

It all began in the late 80’s. Jacob, to show that the family of Zimmerman (Yes, who doesn’t know the real name of Bob Dylan – Zimmerman, Zimerman but is not the best name for a rock star even in the States) there are as many as two talented musicians. Of the four siblings he is the only one who dared to leave the shadow of his brilliant father… Jacob gathered a group, called the wallflowers and began to record. Jacob is the name of the father particularly did not enjoy, tried to do everything fair. But he was not trying, and the first album was a flop. Years of hard work, and in 1996 came the sensational album Bringing Down the Horse, received a «Grammy». There was no father’s merits: the lyrics and music were written by Jacob (though who knows, maybe Bob is secretly helped). Since then, he has continued with varying success to create hits. The status of «living legend» like my father, never received, but managed to get out from under his shadow. But Dylan Jr. makes a very nice folk song. And unlike his father, Jacob – a stable family man and married his childhood sweetheart, which happily raising four children.

Audition required: creativity wallflowers «Golden period» to make sure that this cheerful rock-n-roll with an ulterior motive received Grammy awards. Well and later a solo folk albums. Brooding, high-quality, original folk music, sung by the pleasant voice of the main character. What’s that, and the voice of Dylan Jr., in the author’s opinion, much prettier than the Bob.

2. Sean Lennon. Talent generated by the complexes


If your mother is a strange Japanese woman, according to many, was the cause of the collapse of one of the most influential groups in the world, dad is one of the greatest musicians and peace activists, and the godfather is one of the largest and patanase «song-writers» in the world, then you certainly punchy character and a lot of complexes.

Sean Lennon was a favorite son of star parents. From birth he was surrounded by the world’s creative elite. His godfather was Elton John, and the parents did not hesitate to use it in their peacekeeping performances. But the first musical experience Sean got reading the poem in one of the songs of his mother. At the age of nine he already bawled in album the Miss It. Maybe if Lennon had lived a little longer, first musical experiences Sean would have been better. But Yoko was the main thing is to let the son in the vicious world of show business. And Sean it’s not lost, fortunately, in addition to colorful appearance is known to parents, managed to inherit their talent.

A wide audience, Sean is known primarily thanks to joint works with famous musicians. It all started in the distant 1991, with lenny Kravitz. Since then it has managed to operate with the original Moby, and Soulfly… all you name it!

Sean always complained that the most difficult for him to find a record company that would be interested in his music, not his famous surname. In fact, the struggle for identity in the world of music became his life’s work. And actually, he managed to win. Critics know it as an original musician and experimenter, whose work has little in common with the music of his great father. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Sean had a lot of their viewers who love his work, despite the respect of colleagues, and the people out there to contemplate what is the son of John Lennon. It is very hurt. If the press conference will be a lot of questions about the parents, Mr. Lennon can get up and leave. Journalists interested in more than music. But to listen to him is obligatory. In this case, try to approach it as a independent musician. Sean would be very pleased.

3. Julian Lennon. Another Lennon

Unlike his brother, Julian Lennon likes to talk about his star father. And then he complains that the father received him with love. «I was pissed at the father, writes Julian, is that those peace and love, in which he called everywhere, beat me.» In General, the mention of Julian tend to the memories of his father and whining a La «dad left me, but I still love you». Just in contrast to his brother Sean, its not shoved a child in the depths of show business, and the attention he paid less. So he tries to Express themselves as loudly as possible. Yes, and the striking resemblance with his father attracts considerable attention. But Julian could be called a successful musician. This fellow is releasing albums from the distant 1984. However, with very large breaks. His singles and then meet in the «Billboard Hot 100», and he sings well, but too many in his life, works and words of John Lennon. It is used in all the name of the father, which actively shunned the younger brother. And the music is Sean much more interesting. And to my father, Julian, as the sky. In General, if brother Sean is one hundred percent art, brother Julian is a talk show with music breaks.

For the overall development is to hear him covering songs by his father and successful singles. Nothing outstanding. Just nice music.

4. Ivan Malezhik. How to become a Russian Tom York without my father


It would be a crime against humanity not to remember the son of man, glorified in the songs of the traveler, provincial women and Roma women, «200 years of life foretold». The name Vyacheslav Efimovich Malezhik has become synonymous with the artist about whom all heard, but nobody remembers what he was singing. But I remember his funny name. But once, in the distant 80s, he was a Megastar! His hits known to all the inhabitants of the «unbreakable Union of free republics». Many women find it very attractive (at least, in his interviews he told how in his youth in the «Funny guys» they tried modern methods of treatment of sexually transmitted diseases). And crazy from Moscow Svetlana Fedorovna loved him so much that he took two dolls for children born from Vyacheslav Efimovich (who does not believe, can find this story in the archive «NTV»).

Now he is remembered largely thanks to the sweet and lyric video of the then young novice Valentin Strykalo. But it’s not about him but about his son, which gives hope that Russian music has a future.

Name Is Ivan Malezhik. Young, handsome, like his father, plays and sings. Left-handed like Kurt Cobain. Modest and shy as Ian Curtis. Curly like a young Jimmy page. Melancholic, like Thom Yorke. Despite all these «how to», writes great music of the European level in the best traditions of Suede, Pulp, Radiohead and Vivid, yet with its unique twist.

The group, incidentally, has a rather unusual name – «weloveyouwinona». So, in one word the guys confess their love to an almost forgotten Winona Ryder.

Ivan Malezhik is the Creator, primary author of texts and music, singer and guitarist. In short, it is ¾ of the group: its brain, its inspirer, its «Comandante». If Thom Yorke heard his falsetto, he would have blessed all the works of the group. There is something similar in flow and style. That’s probably why the group is so popular abroad especially cherished and appreciated by hipsters and fans as «indie» in this country. Maybe because they sing mostly in English, and almost all songs are very sad. Even in songs written in major, flashed a pale shadow of sadness. They are only gaining momentum, but shot in England by an English Director is brilliant in its beauty a clip from David Frampton in the lead role. Some authorities declare that nothing better than the Russian executors have not acted. There were rumors that his father is promoting, but who cares? The songs are indeed magical! For example, I doubt that songs Ivan says dad.

In short, we must listen. And after listening, it will be difficult to realize that this stylish, powerful falsetto, melancholic singing gibberish in English, was born the author of the song about lilliputia that «Lollipop licking purple».

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