In the Australian store will charge a fee for the viewing of the products


Sometimes when you go in a store, you covers a lot of people who want something to sell you. This is the case if they are of interest. If the payment is in one piece, to wait for good service is difficult. It often seems that sales quietly hates you and wants extra for every question you’ll ask him.

In Australia there is a store special food for people suffering from gluten intolerance. These people cannot have bread, pasta, pastries, sausages and many more. Of the owner of shop named Georgina really do not like that customers come to the store just to look, to consult, and then go home and order products online. The woman thought that «enough is enough» and that her time costs money, therefore, introduced a fee for entrance to the store. Any «just looking» will pay five dollars for the privilege of staying in the store. If a person buys something, the penalty is removed.

The initiative Georgina was not appreciated: her Facebook page attacked by trolls, marketers believe her behavior is an insult to customers. Georgina and she thinks so.

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