In «Star wars» will appear character is a lesbian

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2015_rIRc8rfDEvnAfBreaking news from the tolerant universe of «star wars». Author of «star» of the universe Paul Kemp said that in the future the book Lord of the sith, which is a new part of the official Canon, there is a mysterious woman. Here is her unofficial biography:

«Moff Morse is an officer of the Empire, which in the past made some very serious mistakes, but still she is a very capable leader and almost the entire book will attempt to prevent a terrible. Moreover, she’s a lesbian.» As we can see, the main biography is its focus. Not yet defined its role in the scenario, but we know that she is a militant lesbian. And this is confirmed by the creators of the film.

Shelly Shapiro, editor of books on the universe, hastened to explain why it introduces such an unusual character:

«The world is diverse… the Diversity should be in Star wars. Kinds are many different, and it would be foolish to argue that humans uniquely. The message here is simple: Star wars I want to be at least (and maybe more, because they are aliens) diverse than people. So it was absolutely logical,» she said.

Morse is not the first homosexual character in the universe. Fans of the book series already «had the happiness» to observe the happy marriage of two Mandalorians Goran Beween and Medita Vasura.

It is not known whether there will be an officer Morse in the seventh episode of the star of the Saga «Star wars: the Force Awakening», which comes out in December this year. But clearly this character will be very happy writer Russell T. Davies, who last July complained that, in his opinion, in «Star wars» few homosexual characters.

«In these universes there are whole empires, however, all «Star wars», «Star trek», «Disney», «Pixar» no one’s gay, and it’s a very old problem, and it should be solved», – he said in an interview with Attitude. Sorry man. I wanted to write about tainted love, and then has about intergalactic war and the Sith.

The book itself will be released on April 28, so that when a new character is little more than a month. I hope that this unusual character will not cause a strong reaction from local politicians.

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