In St. Petersburg has published the guidebook for… Uzbek-spatula

Peter city big and fast, but intelligent (in comparison with Moscow) the growth. And in order to grow productively, we need cheap labor: that is the motto of Americans and many other countries.

But since Peter is still the spiritual capital of Russia, the city government has produced a guide for «visitors from the South», called «Handbook of labor migrants». The cynicism and simultaneously the feature of brochures is that migrant workers are depicted on its pages in the form of various tools for internal and external works. Here is tolerance, or are they being dramatic again??

The book consists of three parts: legal advice, tips on preventing AIDS and cultural and household aspects of life in the Northern capital. Great collection, man, ka think?!

The authors of the «Handbook…» especially emphasize that St. Petersburg has «as its own unique history and culture, and its own rules, problems and possible risks», which visitors should know to help yourself and your family financially, to return home alive, healthy and proud to be a part of and your work in our great city.»

The booklet is a fifty page black-and-white and color pictures, there are four versions: in Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik and Uzbek. Migrants they represented instruments with the eyes, hands and limbs, but the locals, including police officer, doctor and the guide retained the human shape. The brochure is distributed in some urban centers that work with migrants on HIV prevention, as well as in minibuses.

And then the Prosecutor began to fuss, defenders all sorts too, and he’s, what do you think, friend??



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