In St. Petersburg caught a monkey, hidden from all for 4 years

In the town of St. Petersburg, Florida finally caught a male rhesus macaque, which for 4 years was biting everybody and managed to escape from any prosecution. But everything comes to an end.

October 24, Wednesday, macaque managed to still catch. Cunning male ignored the trap with bananas, which makes sense: hairy bro long understood that free bananas does not happen. To catch the animal became possible only after the use of the dart with tranquilizers.

The animal was nicknamed Cornelius, in honor of one of the characters in the movie planet of the apes. Now the authorities need to decide what to do with shaggy sly bro. Most likely it will be sent to the sanctuary to relatives.

Cornelius appeared in the St Petersburg and the surrounding area about four years ago. The people believe that he was banished with relatives silver springs shores and began to live independently. The good people of the town began to feed him and even allowed to get into gardens and orchards. The authorities long time tried unsuccessfully to catch Cornelius.

It is worth noting that this hairy male in Florida is damn hot: he even has a page on FaceBook. You can also buy t-shirts with his image.

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