In South Korea ferry sank


Breaking news. This morning still not clear why the coast of South Korea sank a huge ferry «Seval» with 477 passengers on Board! Two people were killed, about a hundred people are still missing. It happened at the distance of twenty miles from the South-Eastern coast of the country. At four in the morning Moscow time, the ship filed a distress signal.

Now actively carried out rescue work. Involved 34 naval ship, a coast guard vessel and civilian vessels. In the rescue operation involved 18 helicopters. Most of the passengers on the ferry «Sevol» students.

The ferry capsized at an angle and slowly descended down. As shown by footage from the scene of the tragedy, he’s almost completely spread over six hours, including two hours he was immersed in the water. Most of the rescued were picked up by merchant ships, the benefit of this route is well known. Now divers are searching for the missing. Thirteen of the rescued passengers are in serious condition. From under the capsized ferry have been recovered, the female body, which belongs to a member of the crew of the ship. One of the students says that he and his friends spent some time trying to stay in the middle of the tumbling vessel. On Board the ferry were foreign nationals, which are now installed only the identity of two Filipinos. Angry parents gathered at a local school and demand answers, but so far the only version of the incident — a collision with an underwater reef. Search operations are carried out.


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