In South Korea again allowed theorist of sadism

Marquis de Sade is perhaps the most controversial and at the same time unpleasant man in the world literature. His books have everything that a perverted heart desires.

«The 120 days of Sodom» — the most famous book of the Marquis — was translated into Korean in the summer of 2012 and in August went on sale. But here a special state Commission on publishing ethics banned book, rightly noting that it’s extremely obscene and cruel (rightly so).

Cunning Korean publishing house Dongsuh Press that, apparently, like books, where many young people are subjected to extremely unpleasant things, after which they usually don’t live, decided to appeal the ruling. And challenged with success.

Representative Chan tak-hwan said that the book, written in the XVIII century, trying to explore the avarice of the human soul and the degradation of society, and, therefore, has literary value.

Something tells me, dude, any book absolutely any of the content gains value with time. Even outright slag…

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