In some cases it is necessary to beat a muzzle?



Good night, dear editors from rainy St. Petersburg! I’m the student of the first honey, now happy student of the 7th faculty of the military medical Academy because of you! Thank you very much.

Pysy: read the entire group that you are the best.

But go to my new question. It is simple to a disgrace: in what cases it is necessary to beat a muzzle? It is clear that I am a person educated and well-mannered and just beat one will not, especially for some small insult, better to just not pay attention to rudeness and walk away. But what if, for example, be rude to your girlfriend, thank God this has not happened. Or worse, be rude to your old mom? You will probably write about the weighing and assessment of the situation, the comparison of forces and the presence/absence of the weapon at the offender. But there are men in our code separate items which do not tolerate violations for which it is necessary to beat? Thanks for the reply.

The answer

Good day, and multiple please. Takes much pride for you! And for yourself a little. We are glad that our articles are not only interesting to read but also bring practical benefits. I hope that in the future you will not be disappointed in medicine, and will not accuse us.

And by the way, to influence other groups, let, too, we read because we need to grow.

So, the question is as simple as the answer: it is necessary to beat in all cases, when oskotinivshiesya abuser is beyond all permissible limits and to stop him in any other way does not work. But it is important to distinguish the offense from a failed joke. So, I’m sorry, but the situation will have to judge, not to pass a broken cattle, to scare your friends and not to do unpleasant things. So, if joke on mom, girlfriend, favorite fish without malice, it could be taken aside, and hint, they say, comrade, do not bend the frame. Usually insinuating requests are convincing, especially if we are talking about friends. Just some of them, getting a close relationship and pass all limits of friendly banter hard. But even if he bullies someone, immediately hit in the face is not necessary, first you need to figure out what it is. Repulsed because as soon as people start hitting the muzzle at every opportunity.

But if comrades do not understand the words, you have to beat. If you then increase the pressure to beat. Shamelessly beat. And if the thread fills the verbal shit, threats, and it becomes clear that the agreement does not work — to kill all to hell.There are moments when talk is meaningless. The most common — you were attacked, hit or began to run down, chest out and gradually emphasizing. Then you have the right to beat. Or when such a threat subjects your loved ones. Are you and your girlfriend slap on the ass, trying to snatch her purse, offended. How then can we tolerate? In the end, if you want to impress her, you better be proud to grab, what a shame to run. It is clear that girls a lot, and you have a mother like this one, but when you hurt my dear people, that can not be tolerated. Although, the choice is yours.

It is still very important to be able to feel when to hit, when refracted the allowable limit. Complicated art that only comes with experience, so you fight more. And be able to distinguish through the joke about the nurse from the real insults. Beloved mother (whether summer or not) is sacred, and if any type specifically humiliated — it is necessary to call the Dagestanis, they’re going to explain why not about mom ill talk.Someone is given advice may seem too domestic and old fashioned, but if you are constantly beaten — it doesn’t mean hit in the face is impossible. Punch in the snout for most of the population is a natural brake light, many would not otherwise see. Guard tower, which is scared to approach. And tool respect. No matter how puny you are, the fact that you’re not afraid to give a face that commands respect. So you’re not such a coward, then, you to have some values. Most importantly, do not be afraid to embarrass yourself, there is nothing shameful, far more shameful to be considered weaklings who get it how they want.

My father once said, «If I find out you did not surrender or did not hit the cause I’ll beat you up». In my childhood it seemed strange to hear that, and from his father. But over the years you start to realize the whole truth. If a thin, short man climbed into a fight, he would have been an adult outcast and a loser.

But once again we must warn that many conflicts can be resolved with words. Many, not all. It is necessary to understand the reasons, maybe hitting is wrong, and a misunderstanding can be corrected, and to compel a citizen to apologize. Do not scared and with a serious face, and competently to make a complaint, and does not show a scared weakling. Reshaly with gab valued in all social strata. Finally, a good shot can lead to unpleasant consequences, and another thing, that without it not to manage.

And another advice — don’t fight drunk. Tipsy, reality is distorted, and some words are perceived differently. Especially if after the «green dragon» you become violent. When your nose is injured in a drunken brawl, stop breathing, ten years from now, you will understand that the sacrifice that made your kind of rough, were in vain.

And with drunks better not mess with, they are fragile and brittle.

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