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manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_o3lap9UKK7XCnRecently, the world lit up with this news: businessman Yuri Milner allocates $ 100 million for a project to search for extraterrestrial life. And seems to be an ordinary madness ordinary billionaire, and only the project was joined by Stephen Hawking is star of cosmic proportions, as the project was very positively there had been some serious scientific publication.

Really, after the discovery of new exoplanets, which is in the observable Universe, the search for extraterrestrial life was again on the rails? Earlier the case was given into service all sorts of charlatans or ufologists. And then just like all serious.

Statistical information collected by this telescope leads to the conclusion that only in our galaxy, the milky Way is approximately several billion candidates for the existence of life. We are talking about planets about the size of Earth with liquid water on the surface. Perhaps somewhere there is life, and it is possible that intelligent life.

Yuri MilnerMilner is a Russian billionaire, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.2 billion. Serious money, serious person. And let it allocates, by their standards, a modest sum – $ 100 million, but it’s bigger than the entire budget of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2015, which is $ 70 million. Milner established the prize in mathematics, medicine and physics, each of which is 3 million dollars. The businessman – a real patron of science. In General, the oligarch a long time, «the topic», and call it a random person who suddenly decided to shock the public, is very strange.

The project was named «Breakthrough Listen» and represents the observation signals, which are distributed from the billion stars of the milky Way and other galaxies. All data, as the organizers of this event will be open source, which allows us to monitor the progress of the search.

All this, of course, it sounds cool, but is not like finding a needle in a haystack? Of course, the discovery of a new exoplanet Kepler-452b, which occurred a few days ago, added fuel to the fire. By the way, in addition to Hawking, the scientific team will consist of Frank Drake was the guy who came up with the «Drake equation», which implies the existence of extraterrestrials.

Poradi.s.ua_27.07.2015_BaiZ6yRtnmLZOThis signal can first find is not the one who first came, as a programmer, for example, from Russia.

Yuri Milnerby the way, He three times sent signals to the aliens in outer space. Firstly, in the framework of the project «Ozma», together with Carl Sagan. It was a bearded 60-year. Now 55 years old, and flying saucers are not going to visit us. Maybe they stumbled on our TV show and thought: «screw the dudes!»?

All observations will technically be expressed in the search for specific radio frequencies, which could be directed reasonable civilization. The searching range is from 1 to 10 GHz. Scientists will record these signals, renting time in one of American telescopes, and then to analyze at the Institute Berkeley. In General, people will do what the did in the SETI project that has not produced any results. Although, who knows, maybe such a huge budget will bear fruit?

Hawking, by the way, was your participation in this project. He is a longtime supporter of the idea that contact with more advanced civilization can destroy humanity. That is why it is only supposed to listen to the signals, not send them, as was done previously in the same Drake. Leap technology will allow to process a large amount of information in one day, which will be in cloud mode, posting on a prepared site.

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_v7ig901L9IhetEven if our quest will end in nothing, it will still be an interesting scientific experiment worthy of implementation. He does not prove that we are not alone in this Universe, but will significantly narrow the scope of where we should look for aliens.

Stephen Hawkingin General, projects are very dubious to many scientists. In addition, the «Breakthrough Listen» does not involve contact with aliens. You might say then: «what in the hell is this money not be spent on orphanages, homeless dogs or shelters for the platypus, the chances are so low and there is no special meaning?» And many of those who asked a similar question. We also think that it is better to let private investors spend so the just will gather on hand and invest in new business projects. So, maybe we don’t find anything, do not hear. But how many people are interested in science and space in particular? Anyway, imagine a real confirmation of extraterrestrial intelligence, then what will change in human consciousness in society? We live in interesting times, which requires us just a little imagination and courage.

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