In pursuit of unique content

Every second man wants to be considered intellectual among the people around him. And this requires, as a rule, the glorification of cultural products that are difficult to attribute to the mass, because the love for «popcorn» – this is very bad, gives you degenerate, right? You delve into more films, radical forms of art that are difficult are explained by the authors themselves. Your head is clogged with quotations from so-called intellectual and elite literature. All the rest is just pulp, dill and genre shit, unworthy of attention. If you find out that a friend had read Coelho or, save us Zarathustra, «50 shades of grey», we can safely call it so.Snobbery stuck in our heads from the first page more or less serious books, from the first frame of the avant-garde film that raises more questions than enjoyment. We are all chasing after unique content, because they are convinced that the masses always and everywhere wrong, because people, by and large, arrogant, stupid, wasting time on bullshit and madly amenable to populism. Vaccine for this in the next century are foreseen, it is to smoke in the premises of incense or some more liberal substance. Yes, it is. But what’s wrong with that?

It seems that these sverhodarennym minds, day and night, masturbating your common sense themselves locked in the dungeon shower for Les Miserables.

– Journey to the end of the night About the decline of morals and the decline of culture saying from the moment when man first picked up a stone axe, stone hammer and built the first house. It so happened that different social groups like to criticize each other, and in the case without. Everyone wants to be more important and cooler. If earlier it was about money, power, and strength, now a lot of guys are trying to close their difficult position in society an artificial layer of elitism, which rests only on taste preferences. Yes, we do do something to hide. All this affects the life of even a routine domestic. For example, personally, I postpone viewing the most popular new products in six months, a year. And why? The public hype about the Prime Minister such as «the Martian», «Fargo», «Game of thrones» makes the normal perception of the story, makes viewing, perhaps a good movies into something similar on sale in supermarkets. And it’s a terrible habit, really.

Intellectual simple things difficult – the hardest thing artist describes in simple words.

– Charles Bukowski –Lovers «high» really ruined his snobbery a lot of cool stuff. For example, take a craft beer, which many now associated with elegant guys who like beer with cherries and can’t drink regular, «proper» beer. Or take, for example, genre of literature which refers to «low» manifestations of literary art. After all, books are just words collected in a pile and give the man what he is at one time or another wants.

The art is reminiscent of the conventional refrigerator, the diverse content which depends on human openness to the new. Not everyone has chili sauce or frozen oysters in the freezer, but the first is excellent meat, and the second is just worth a try at least once in your life. For this reason, will never be able to understand people who limit themselves in the taste palette, or, conversely, screaming about the elitism of everyone you meet, giving up all pop and mass. The underground – a loose concept, and the talent of mediocrity without a bottle of strong almost impossible to distinguish. Even professional critics, whatever they say, come largely from their own perception. An objective judgment is a cruel myth, which is designed to distract you from creating your own, no one is dependent evaluation.

And popular culture is lovely and copes with its tasks. And all these hard-core militants, where one pompous-looking man destroys entire armies in the name of goodness and justice. And fart Comedy is also gorgeous – they help us to think about the world easier, without all this news of hell with the planes, attacks, wars. For aesthetes, we offer you to look at something retrovie where Marilyn Monroe looks a lot better than many modern bony top models who advertise tampons and excellent fragrances from Dior.

Culture is, in our opinion, is not rolled. Just people have become more pretentious and lazy to properly appreciate what gave us the joint work of many brilliant people.

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