In Philadelphia arrested the drug dealer who have an unusual method of increased sales

Instead of Preface: As usual, the king stays the king».

Serious news came from Philadelphia early in the morning on the first of October. But, contrary to expectations, many of them related not to the «eagles» won the third victory of the season. This was the information that detained the heroin. An undercover COP made test purchases of 140 checks at the end of last week. It would seem that the standard bags with the stuff, but it was something special. Namely, the label, which shows professional basketball player LeBron James. So, the king of the ball now became a symbol of the best heroin in Philadelphia, that’s it!


As noted fighters against drug trafficking, this is not the first case when the names of famous athletes are used to increase sales. Not so long ago, were seized with marijuana depicted on the packy Usain Bolt and Insanity.

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