In one bar banned kissing


Some dudes somehow not terribly fond of, when they in a public place there is kissing. Girlfriend, by the way, especially not love. But personally we have nothing against that, most importantly, to new people did near us — that is to say, distracts from the eating, and the food is getting cold, eat cold food is harmful! Therefore, do not love.

But the man from an Austrian bar in Innsbruck was banned in his bar to kiss. But only the Austrians. Why? It’s very simple: in the humble opinion of the owner of the bar, kissing the Austrians interfere with foreign tourists and confuse them. However, you can kiss foreign tourists? — That is the question.

The Austrians in turn also dissatisfied and filed a complaint, they say, we’re not hurting anybody, but just kissing at their table. But the complaint was rejected because only the owner can decide what breaks the silence and order in his school, and what is not.

The Austrians were furious at this and want to hold a flash mob as any too active people. But we note only one thing: with such rules dude loses. The pair will go to another bar, where else can you kiss without confusing the Arabs, Russians and other foreigners, and the money will leave with them.

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