In October released a «smart watch from Apple


Google, Samsung and many other companies decided to take a previously missing niche market of the so-called «smart watches». Personally new product combines all the functionality of a smartphone and smart wristbands, which were to inform the device owner about calls, messages and push notifications. Once upon a time the famous company Apple has already released an accessory that turns your iPod Nano into a intelligent watch. At the time, «bracelet» sold well, but the brainchild of Steve jobs, it seems, is not enough.

The network has long had the concepts of the Smartwatch from Apple company. None of the official representatives did not confirm that it would be entering a new market, but also did not deny this. A few days ago it became known that the gadget to be: famous brand signed a contract with the Taiwanese manufacturer and electronics assembler Quanta Computer Inc to manufacture «smart hours». Most likely, the company is responsible for the policies of his longtime rival — Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

SmartWatch will be getting an official name iWatch. It is known that the display will have a screen diagonal of 2.5 inches. Accurate «appearance» of the device is unknown, but sources report that it will have a square and rectangular shape. Confirmed the presence of the touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.

The production will begin in July, to the European market, the iWatch will be released in October. Accurate photos of the device yet.

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