In new York city the inmates have escaped the plot of «the Shawshank redemption»


Another proof that movies can teach you not worse than the books, occurred in new York in one of the most protected prisons in the state, Clinton Correctional Facility. This is the first 150 years of existence in prison in case, when the prisoners staged a «system» and quietly left the school. But what is most interesting: the actions of the escapees recalled the plot of a Hollywood movie «the Shawshank redemption».

For any information that could help catch fugitives, the police promised 100 000$ US, respect and honor. So, dude, want to get rich – go to new York.

Escape managed 48-year-old Richard Matt, who is serving a life term with the right to PAROLE after 25 years for the kidnapping and brutal murder of a 76-year-old businessman William Rickerson of Niagara County in 1997. Matt worked in the food warehouse Rickerson, but then was fired and decided to take revenge on former boss. The headless corpse and cut off the lower limbs Rickerson was found in the Niagara river.


In 1998, the irrepressible Matt managed to escape to Mexico. There it during the argument at the bar had killed a man and went to prison. In 2007, after serving his sentence, the Mexican government extradited Matt in the USA. Next year, the American read the verdict for the murder Richerson. This is not the first experience of escape. In 1986, Matt had already managed to escape from prison, Erie County, breaking the security perimeter. However, the freedom he stayed only four days.

The second fugitive was 34-year-old cellmate Matt, David Suite. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the murder of Deputy Sheriff of Broome County July 4, 2002. Then Suite, together with two accomplices participated in the robbery, and police officer Kevin tarsia happened to criminals when they are in the Park sharing the booty.


Escape and Matt’s Suit is not just digging a spoon prison soil blindly. The plan was carefully prepared and planned for a long time. The bandits managed to secretly punch a hole in the 30 cm of the chamber wall, to get into the technical compartment, a ledge at the height of the sixth floor, then down. It is assumed that by using the tools the attackers cut the metal walls and pipes, got into the sewer and got out outside the prison. Almost like the Tim Robbins character in the legendary motion picture. Maybe just shouted, when out of the fecal swamp.

For prison guards, the fugitives left a message – a note with a smiley face and a wish «good day». That’s so polite «noble» bandits.

Run Matt and the Suite was not even disturbed by the fact that in the Clinton Correctional Facility has strict security measures. The officers of the bypass chamber every two hours. However, the prisoners managed to trick them, leaving the beds made of cloth dummies.

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