In Minsk there was a fight… over the phone

Belarusian bro know how to have fun. On Saturday, October 20, at the Minsk market «Zhdanovichi» happened huge brawl Belarusian dudes. The occasion was meaningful and respectful men fought for the phone.

No, it’s not that the people of Belarus fights for technological devices, as in the USSR citizens fought for the sausage in the queue. Everything is much thinner, comrade.

Gypsies and Caucasians, according to the Belarusian police, got into a fight due to the fact that some side (it is not clear, man) did not like the price of phone of the other party. Of course, that one side wished to call relatives,» the other one, so decided to invite friends and relatives. One of the participants skirmishes took a traumatic gun and started shooting at people. The result of this action, three persons suffered. The shooter himself regretted his actions: the people did not appreciate the application of available funds in a fair fight and he was severely beaten. All four of them in the hospital.

For participating in the fight were detained more than 40 people. They were taken to the Tsentralny district militia Department of Minsk. Criminal case

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