In Kaliningrad the conductor was selling heroin on the bus

manygoodtips.com_2.04.2015_FcOkl8EOiehwpThe distant Baltic Kaliningrad – amber Mecca of the Russian Federation. Here, away from Mother Russia, Moscow and the Russian border something. Buses in this European part of Russia live the life of a drug cartel. One of them was detained by a charming girl-the conductor, who was dealing drugs on the job.

26-year-old «drug fairy» was already brought to criminal responsibility in 2010. At the time, she dabbled in another field of violations of the law of burglary. However, then acquitted her.

Pretty girl with long worked in the transport company, making the bus a heroin den on wheels. It is unknown how many residents of Kaliningrad she was happy, but the local junkies loved her very much and knew by heart minute-by-minute schedule of the magic bus. Transmission technique the forbidden fruit was simple: along with the ticket «passengers» received a package of drugs.

However, God sees everything, and the young lady caught up with Kara: he was detained at the scene in the moment when she meekly gave 4 packages with heroin of a total weight of 0.18 grams. Against the drug pusher brought a criminal case. For the illegal sale of drugs to it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. In truth, black day for the heroin of the Kaliningrad population.

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