In Egypt found the catacombs 8 million dog mummies

In the catacombs, which was dedicated to the God Anubis, found the bodies of 8 million dogs. Their mummified bodies were partially damaged, partially objective and confined in a wooden coffin. Except dogs, the British archaeologists were able to find the corpses of foxes, cats and other mammals, which, however, was not 10% of the total remains. The burial itself was located at Saqqara was discovered in 1897.


The researchers studied the overall section length of about 170 meters and suggested that the surveyed burial belonged to the cult of Anubis, conductor of the dead to the underworld, who was depicted with a human body and a Jackal head. The study’s lead author Paul Nicholson believes that the building was erected in the IV century BC, made of stone, which 48-56 million years. The proof of the last statement is a huge ancient fossil marine vertebrate age more than 48 million years, which is found in the ceiling of the catacombs.

It is unlikely that they were beaten up physical effect: no evidence of broken necks that are often found in cat mummies. Most likely, they just took away from mothers and puppies died from starvation and dehydration. At the same time, we have discovered mummies and old dogs, buried more complex and solemn manner. These individuals, most likely, lived at the temple.

Paul Nicholson


Many facts indicate that these catacombs were used as places of pilgrimage by many Egyptians, and was also an important part of the economic development of Ancient Egypt.

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